I Wuz Just Thinking: The Upside Down Pear Cake

It’s always a surprise when we see a friend’s cars pull into my drive because I know she is probably coming to share a cake or pie with us.

I received a text from my friend, Linda N., letting me know she had bought a fresh pumpkin.

Betty Mahurin Baker

Yes, this is the season for Fall fruits and vegetables.

She stated she just baked a pumpkin pie and was about to bring a couple of slices for me and my hubby so she would not be tempted to eat the whole thing by herself.

I told her “great,”  as we love our friends’ cooking and thoughtfulness. There are several of us who enjoy cooking  and sharing our treats with other.

It’s always a surprise when we see one of their cars pull into my drive. Immediately, our saliva glands begin to work in anticipation of what a friend is bringing this time.

I told Linda N. that I had a slice of fresh pear cake to share with her.  I could almost see her smile on the other end of her cell phone.

I had picked fresh pears from a former classmate’s pear trees.  My classmate, another Linda – this one Linda M. –  has shared her pears with me for the past several years.

I had just peeled some of the pears and made into a pear cake, using the same recipe as I use to make an upside down pineapple cake.

When the pear slices are arranged in the bottom of the cast-iron skillet in warmed butter and brown sugar, they make for a pretty pattern on top when when the cake is turned right side up.

Yummy, what  beautiful bounty made into delicious edibles from nature’s blessings, as I wuz just thinking.

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