I Wuz Just Thinking: The Southern Charm of Savannah

That first Sunday morning, my small sons and I dressed for church, but I had no idea where a church was located. 

This morning I was driving down Dudley Road toward the airport.

There is a stretch of road where the tall tree limbs and leaves almost touch as forming a canopy over the road.

This experience reminded me of the time when I lived in Savannah, Georgia, where many of the streets are draped as a veil of Spanish moss.

Such beauty.

A touch of Southern charm.

And serenity.

I moved into an apartment, not knowing anyone, and not familiar with the town.

Betty Mahurin Baker

The first Sunday morning, my small sons and I dressed for church.  We went to the car and sat for a few minutes.  I had no idea where a church was located.

In just a few moments, a family, who appeared to be dressed for church, got into their automobile and headed out.

I traveled a little ways behind them, and when they stopped at a church, we did, too, and went inside.

After services, I was a little nervous since I did not know the way back to the apartment.

The family we followed to the church, came out and got in their car. As they pulled out of the driveway, I pulled out behind them.

I thought to myself, what if they go out to lunch or go and visit someone for the day?  I knew I did not have the money to eat in a restaurant or the time to wait for them to complete their meal.

But thankfully, they drove straight back to the apartment complex.  I was so relieved.

After that, I purchased a street map and learned my way around Savannah.

I believe very strongly in the Holy Spirit and truly believe this was one of those times when it safely guided my children and me back home.

I wuz just thinking.

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