I Wuz Just Thinking: The Sound of Music

An open-image MRI machine.

As the orchestra played, My mind was seeing a scene located in Chicago with the smog and all the sounds of the city – traffic as well as factories.

MRI, a magnetic resonance imaging machines are particularly well suited to image non-bony parts of the body or soft tissues. It differs from computed tomography (CT) in that it does not use harmful ionizing radiation from X-rays. The brain, spinal cord, and nerves as well as muscles, ligaments and tendons are seen more clearly with MRI than with regular X-rays and CT”.

Betty Mahurin Baker

I recently had an MRI taken in what is called an open-imaging machine.  It was not my first one so I knew what to expect.

After putting in ear plugs and closing my eyes, I will have to admit that I found it somewhat relaxing.  After saying prayers on behalf of those I love, I further relaxed and enjoyed my mind’s theater.

When the machine was turned on, the magnets were making so much noise it was as if I had entered a large movie house with surround sound, and the performance was about to begin.  The orchestra music was loudly playing to get every one’s attention.  My mind was seeing a scene located in Chicago with the smog and all the sounds of the city, traffic as well as factories.

Jack-hammers were viewed working in the streets and air horns from 18-wheeler trucks blew.  Peeking inside some opened windows of apartments, I could see and hear the laundry being cleaned in large washing machines with it’s great swishing sounds.

The orchestra sounds of the kettle drum again beat very loudly …. then the rat-ta-tat of the jack-hammers, again the air-horns and the washing machines.  Over and over, the music played

The twenty-five minutes went swiftly as I enjoyed the show and it’s orchestra.  I emerged from the open-image machine relaxed and happy.  I could hardly wait to put pencil to paper to record my mind’s “movie”.

Many of my age will probably be having a MRI done and I hope you will enjoy your ‘movie’ as much as I did….as I was just thinking.

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