I Wuz Just Thinking: The Shattered Tooth


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It was a sudden and unexpected  emergency when I realized that my tooth had shattered at lunch when I bit down on a Frito.

Four and one-half hours before getting together with friends to have dinner at a restaurant, I looked into my mirror.  Yikes!  I looked like a character on the television show, “Hee Haw”, with a snaggled tooth.

Immediately I picked up my cell phone and called the dentist office. It was noon. The answering machine picked up.  Message left.

Betty Mahurin Baker

However, I thought best to head on over to the dental office.  After working in an office for many years, I know how sometimes a secretary gets extremely busy, and the answering machine may not be checked until just before closing for the day.

Jimmy drove me on to the Sabine – Liberty City dental office.  Sure enough, the lady had not checked the messages.

I told her I was eating my lunch and when I bit down on a Frito, my mouth felt strange.  Looking into a mirror, sure enough, an upper tooth near the front had shattered.

Thankfully Dr. Graham could see me.  X-rays, and he was able to actually scan my teeth and gums. With such fancy equipment, you can understand why they charge so much.

Soon, Dr. Graham, with his wonderful ‘chair’-side manner,  had the area deadened and was grinding away the decay. The tooth was salvaged, built up a bit before a cap was placed on it.

The assistant, being so attentive, picked out the color to match my other teeth. You can’t even tell my new tooth is actually a new tooth. (I did not have my glasses so I could not see to make the decision of color choices)

Just after three that afternoon. I was walking out of the dental clinic heading back home to get ready for the five o’clock party, no  longer looking like a “Hee Haw” character…as I wuz just thinking. 

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