I Wuz Just Thinking: The Joke’s On Them

I loved to play pranks, especially on my sisters, Julia and Martha. I found they humor in them. They didn’t.

One day our dad caught a little mouse in a trap.  I told my siblings and my sisters could not stand mice.

A little later that day, I dropped a clothes pin into a sock and shook it at my sisters, asking if they wanted to see a mouse.

Martha and Julia both took off running outside the house, across the front yard, the drive way and to the other side of Longview Street.

I could not help but laugh and laugh as I went chasing after them.

Betty Mahurin Baker

Martha and Julia were both out of breath but still able to holler for Daddy and told him I was chasing them with a mouse.

Daddy asked me about it.

I took the clothes pin out of the sock and show’d him I had no mouse.  I told Daddy, that I did not tell them I had a mouse in the sock, I HAD JUST ASKED IF THEY WANTED TO SEE A MOUSE!

Again, my sister siblings did not think this stunt humorous.


My brother Johnny and I had good times pranking our older sisters, Martha and Julia.

This time the prank was centered on our oldest, Martha.

Johnny was friends with the Andress brothers, who knew about electronics and intercoms.

They loaned Johnny a microphone.

We fastened a wire to the bed springs of Martha’s bed and ran the hidden wire through a knot hole in the wall to the back porch area.

Johnny and I waited until Martha was sound asleep.

We went to the back porch and in a ghostly voice said, “M-A-R-T-H-A   L-O-U…..M- A -R -T- H -A    L – O- U…..W-E   K-N-O-W   W-H-A-T   Y-O-U   H-A-V-E   D-O-N-E…..”

Martha screamed, jumped out of bed, and hurriedly ran trembling to the living room where Mother and Daddy were watching television.

Johnny and I were laughing so hard we could be heard throughout the house.  It’s a wonder we did not get spankings. Fortunately, we were already considered too old for spankings.

Seems we did get a good talking to from our parents – and very ugly faces and threats from our sister Martha … As I wuz just thinking.

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