I Wuz Just Thinking: The glory of rainwater

Harvesting rainwater in a barrel.

There was a time, back when I was a girl, that we loved to catch rainwater in a barrel and use it to wash and soften our hair.

Yesterday evening a storm came on strong through the city, especially the Southside of Kilgore, Texas, the town where we live.

Betty Mahurin Baker

The rain just poured down, as if raining cats and dogs.

I was surprised when I looked out the window and realized there were no animals on the lawn nor floating down the street.

This morning, Jimmy asked me if I was going to shampoo my hair using rainwater.

The wagon we keep in the yard is quite deep, and it was filled with clean rainwater.

I remember years ago when I was a girl, we had a rain barrel for catching water as it descended around us on stormy days or nights.

Sometimes we would wash and rinse our hair in some of the water.

It made our hair so soft.

Soft water is what we called it.

A gift from the sky.

I wuz just thinking.

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