I Wuz Just Thinking: Summers of Cokes and Peanuts

Photo: The Country Cook

During those long-ago carefree summers of our childhood, ice-cold soft drinks and peanuts were the best treats of all.

Years ago, Daddy managed the Alvin Hotel & Bar.  Actually, I think only the  pool and domino hall were downstairs.  Alvin was my uncle, my Daddy’s brother, who was also called “Red,”  Alvin Vernor Mahurin.

Years later, Uncle Vernor sold the building, and my dad leased the pool and domino hall from the new owner.

Betty Mahurin Baker

He did not like having the pool tables because younger men would come in and tease and torment the older men, who were playing dominoes, with the pool sticks.

He did not want the young men’s business.

Sometimes on Saturdays, Mother would bring us kids with her to town.  Daddy would take a little coffee break, and we would walk through the alley to the little Bluebonnet cafe near the gas company on Main Street.

The cafe had a long counter with stools that could spin around. We enjoyed sitting on these fancy stools and ordering our cold drinks.  We referred to all soft-drinks as ‘Cokes,” but we usually just ordered a Dr Pepper and a little package of shelled peanuts.

I think the drinks and peanuts were five cents each. For a family of six, that was a big splurge.

Pouring the peanuts into the cold bottled Dr Pepper … oh, it was so good. That little extra salt with the drink being so cold on a hot summer day made it special….as I wus jus thinking

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