I Wuz Just Thinking: Pizza or the Blob

Here is just a little reminder for carrying food – especially Pizza – whether it’s hot or frozen.

Years ago, my sister-in-law and her husband owned a pizza parlor.  For a while, even though I had a full time position as book-keeper at a dress shop in my hometown, I used my lunch hour to help at the pizza store, waiting on customers, delivering, or contacting businesses by handing out pizza coupons.

One of the first things I learned while working at the pizza place was:  DO NOT CARRY A PIZZA PIE in it’s cardboard container  sideways. Always carry it Flat.

Betty Mahurin Baker

Without giving it any thought, I realized that it is easy to pick up a cardboard box and just tuck it under an arm to carry. Every one in the shop immediately started yelling, “No, no , no, no.” 

Looking up in huge surprise at the out-pouring of “NO’s,” the owner immediately grabbed the box, opened it, and thankfully, the ingredients had not dropped down inside the box making a huge blob.

A lesson quickly learned.

Recently at a local grocer, the carry-out person placed my frozen pizza vertical while placing the grocery bags in my car.  I reminded him of laying a pizza and other frozen products flat because sometimes on the way home, the items would begin to thaw and slide.

The next visit to the grocer, a different carry-out person stood some frozen TV dinners and a frozen cherry pie in the same bag as the boxes of cereal, all standing on end.

Thank goodness, the temperature was cool enough to keep the foods from thawing and creating a blob in each carton.

Just little reminders on handling foods – hot or frozen,.as I wiz just thinking.

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