I Wuz Just Thinking: Making a Christmas Tree Happy

A Christmas tree without any  gifts under its branches looks sad, so, I wrapped empty boxes to make the tree look happy.

Years ago, I had lots of parties at my home. Christmas parties I really enjoyed as the green tree was strung with brightly colored lights, ornaments from years past, and boxes of beautifully gift wrapped under the tree.

The guests at one such party were members of the little church we attended, Martin Street Church of Christ.  Harold Spurlock, who had a wonderful sense of humor, was the minister.

I had asked Joyce Wilks to be the entertainer for the evening.  She had graduated from our local high school in about 1952.  She, being a ventriloquist, along with her hand puppet, put on a great performance for the guests.

She would have her hand puppet pick on different ones in attendance, especially Harold, and kept us all in stitches.

Near the end of the evening, Harold was admiring all the gifts under the tree.  He turned to me and said, “Looks like y’all are going to have a really big Christmas.”

I answered, “No, not really.”

He said, “From the looks of the gifts under the tree, someone is”.

Betty Mahurin Baker

I couldn’t help but laugh.  I picked one up and pitched it to him.  As soon as he caught it he had a strange look on his face. He then asked if it was empty.

While I was still laughing, I told him, “Yes, all the packages are empty.”

Seems that year, whenever I made a purchase from a business that provided free gift-wrapping, I would have them gift wrap whatever I had bought.  I would then go home, carefully open one end, remove the merchandise, re-tape the end, and set the beautifully wrapped box under the tree.

I just think that no gifts under a tree makes it look sad, so, I had wrapped empty boxes to make it look happy.

During those particular years, seems “Santa Claus,” namely me, brought the children and husband gifts that that would finally be placed under the tree to be opened Christmas morning.

After several years of no gifts to me, I decided to change that.  I went to the store, made a purchase, and had it beautifully gift wrapped.  I placed the package under the tree several days prior to Christmas with no name on the tag.  Everyone was eager to find out who the gift was for and who had sent it!

A beautiful bouquet of flowers were delivered to the door bearing my name on the tag as recipient but no name of the sender.

Another mystery.

To this day, I have never told my family that I was the mysterious sender of the gift and flowers to myself.  I truly had a happy Christmas that year, as I wiz just thinking.

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