I Wuz Just Thinking: Makes Sense to Me

Watering the Dog. Photo: Twenty20

On a lot of occasions, what makes sense to one person makes absolutely no sense to someone else, which can create a lot of confusion.

I recently received a phone call from a former classmate, Gloria Bright Bristreri, who was commenting on a recent column concerning a language barrier I had with my granddaughter when I asked her to water the dog, meaning to put water in the dog’s bowl.

She “watered” the dog all right with a watering hose instead

It made sense to her.

Betty Mahurin Baker

Gloria said it reminded her of the time when she was young.  The kids were rushing to get ready for school, and the mother was tending to the youngest baby.  She asked Gloria if she would put the bag of pinto beans into a bowl of water. She said, “Put the whole bag in to soak.”

You have probably guessed what happened next.  When Gloria’s mom went to the kitchen to cook the beans, she found the whole bag of beans lying in the bowl of water –bag and all, and the beans were still sealed in the plastic bag.

It made sense to Gloria.

When I was a little girl, I found a tear in my slip.  Mother was separating the dirty clothes, getting ready to take them to the laundromat.  She called me into the room and asked me what had happened to my little white slip. It had a large hole in it.

I looked innocently up to my mother and explained, “It had a tear in it so I cut the hole out.”  Mother never said a word, just looked down with that look she got on her face when she was trying to digest everything I told her.   

It made sense to me.

Speaking of Gloria Bright, she and her family attended the same little church my family did when we were quite young.  There was another girl, Carol Wren, who was a little younger than we were, but we were all in the same Sunday school class.

During church hymnal service, I would nearly cry to myself because I felt no one liked me. But they all really loved Gloria and Carol.

It seems that the congregation sang louder on two particular songs.  They robustly sang “Glory Bright” and “Sweetest Carol Ever Heard.

They never did sing a song about “Betty Sue,” which did not make sense to me, as I wuz just thinking”.  

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