I Wuz Just Thinking: Have you ever had a Hissy Fit?


When you’re worried and in a hurry, when things aren’t going just right, it is easy to have what my mother always called a hissy fit.

Today’s column seems to be about me.  Me is major on my mind since a surgical procedure is planned for Monday.

It’s kinda strange, as the last number of years, it has been my husband, Jimmy, who has under-gone surgical procedures. I do the planning and arranging things for his trip and his return home so I can take care of him.

With it being me, I’m rushing around trying to get everything thought of and planned ahead since I may not be allowed to drive for three months. Unfortunately, I will not be able to bend over. I went to the hardware store and purchased three different lengths of “grabbers. With just the squeeze of my hand, I can reach things that may be in low places or higher places.

Betty Mahurin Baker

While telling Jimmy about the “grabbers,” I explained that he can use them to pick up his own socks when he leaves them on the floor.  He cannot safely bend down either, so I just usually pick up after him.

I was also trying to go over things  he was going to need to do for himself, like suggesting his emptying his bedside trash can prior to its over-flowing. Now, it spills over and I have to gather up the extra trash on the floor and carry it out to the larger trash cans.

I was mentioning several other things when he looked at me with that special look a husband sometimes has. I quickly said, “I’m not complaining, just mentioning and making suggestions.

He had that somewhat superior look and tone as he said, “Now, tell me, what is the difference between complaining and making a strong suggestion?”

I thought for just a second or two and said, “The difference is whether I’m throwing a hissy fit or not!”

He laughed.  I then showed him the joke I had received from a former classmates with an old eagle stating, “I Really Don’t Mind Getting Old…But My Body is Having A Major Hissy Fit.”

I had not heard that term in many years.  My mother used to say that when someone was having a temper tantrum.

One day, Mother was quite upset with us kids and got quite loud with her arms and hands swinging in very irritated motions.

Brother Johnny, joking with laughter said,”Mother, are you having one of those hissy fits you talk about?   WOW!   We just thought we knew what a hissy fit meant, but that day we really learned what a HISSY FIT was and we never forgot.

When I first told Jimmy that I would need to leave off certain pain meds starting a week before the procedure, he announced that the fish were calling him to the lake.  A few days at the houseboat was just the thing he needed.

Jimmy is such a sweet and patient person.  He is a much better patient, doesn’t complain, and handles physical pain better than I do.

I will have to admit, this week – with only a portion of the pain meds I’ve been taking – I did not even have one ‘hissy fit’.

Just one more item on my list to get done before Monday morning. I need to  have my Kindle filled with good books from Caleb and Linda Pirtle’s collections.  If you have to spend time sitting at home for several months, may as well enjoy filling the hours with good reads...as I wuz just thinking.

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