I Wuz Just Thinking: From One to Five

Betty Mahurin Baker

It wasn’t long before one little stray black and white cat became five cats – with the birth of two boys and two girls.

It was about April when a small cat was sitting on our patio looking through the glass door into our den.

Since our last pet dogs had passed away at ages of 14 and 15, Jimmy and I had decided not to have any more pets.  We are older and have difficulty in walking.  We did not want anything get around our feet that might make us stumble.

With the thought of no more pets, we ignored the little cat for several days.  Each morning, we awoke to the little cat purring so pitifully and looking so lonesome.  Jimmy caved in, picked up the young cat, petted, and fed her.  She had won his heart.

Soon, the neighborhood stray black/white Tom cat was seen in the back yard. Needless to say, soon the little lady cat was with children – kittens.

It wasn’t long before one little stray cat became five cats – with the birth of two boys and two girls.

As soon as the four little kittens were weaned, mother cat was spayed.

This week, the two young female black kittens were spayed.

For their safety, it has been necessary to keep these little black-coloreds girls in the house during the healing process.  Naturally, Momma cat wants to come in to be with her children.

Cats are everywhere, not only the three in the house but the two little black/white boys are at the doors just waiting for the door to open so they can race in, too.

I have been really busy this week chasing cats. We are not wanting any house pets.  There are accommodations set up for them on the back patio and also in Jim’s work shop.

CATS, CATS, from no pets to five....as I wuz just thinking.

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