I Wuz Just Thinking: Friends new and old in the Library


You can meet the nicest people in a library, some real, some in books, and sometimes even the author of a new mystery.

I just returned home from the Kilgore Public library after meeting Sharon Wilfong who was selling her mystery book, Murder in East Texas – A Mystery by Sharon Wilfong.

Sharon now lives in Kilgore, moving from Longview, the next town to the east.

While I was visiting and hearing about her book, her friend and neighbor, Loree Baird came into the room.

Loree and I looked at each other as if to say, “Don’t I know you?”  Only moments passed when I said, “Baird.”

She, answered, “Yes.”

Then I said, “Mahurin,” and we both melted and hugged one another.

It was a joyful meeting after not seeing one another for too many years.

Betty Mahurin Baker

Loree is the daughter of Marvin & Mae Baird who had owned the Baird Tire Company for about sixty years, I’m thinking.

Getting back to Sharon and her book.  The book cover shows a drawing of a musical instrument, the dulcimer.  She had drawn and painted it herself.

That caught my attention since my husband and I had recently been talking about getting a steel guitar or a dulcimer that might be easier to hold and play.

Jimmy has had several shoulder surgeries and is now unable to turn or twist his arm to hold and strum a guitar. I was thinking along the lines of playing an instrument he could place on a stand or lie across his lap, perhaps a dulcimer.

The kitchen is cleaned and closed for the night.

I nestled into my recliner to begin my uninterrupted read of an East Texas mystery.

I do not want to reveal too much of the story, but I felt as if I was one of the characters and feeling and reacting to each page and each development taking place.

The story takes place in East Texas where I live, and the small towns mentioned are the same towns that I have either visited or worked in.  I really felt that I knew some of the characters even though Sharon assured me her book is fiction.  I could laugh as well as cry along with the characters in the story.

I really related to the main character. I too have felt the same emotions while being a single parent with a son(s) being dragged along with me for outings to meet other people, perhaps in hopes of meeting “Mr. Right.”

One can meet the nicest people in a library, and sometimes even the author of a new book….as I was just thinking.

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