I Wuz Just Thinking: For the Love of Shopping

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While shopping, I usually see one or more persons that I know, maybe a school classmate, a church member, or a neighbor. 

Years ago, I moved often to other cities.

I  wuz  just thinking how lonesome I would be.

While shopping, I would walk up and down the aisles and not know a single person I passed.  At times, tears would stream down my cheeks because I was so home-sick.

Betty Mahurin Baker

I loved living in my old home town and shopping in local stores.

My husband does not enjoy shopping the way I do. He will usually go to the computer, locate the items he wishes to purchase, place the order, and then go to the store and wait for the items to be delivered to his vehicle.

Last year during the Covid pandemic, many of us were afraid to go into the stores  because of health concerns.  We did have familiar items ordered ahead of time and delivered to our vehicles or directly to our homes.

Now that the pandemic is over, many have returned to shopping in the stores, now able to select the cuts of meats and cheeses or order the fresh and hot deli foods.

Earlier this year, I have had health issues that prevented me from going any place but doctor’s visits, so I have missed being able to shop.

I have not been released to drive myself to the stores as yet, so my husband drives me. He remains in the car while I excitedly shop.

He later tells me who all he saw in the parking lot either going into the store or coming out.  Several have even stopped and visited with him.

I like going into the local grocery store and seeing the personnel that I have known through the years.

I enjoy being able to select the fresh fruits and vegetables myself.

Going up and down each aisle gives me the opportunity to see the array of new items that are available.

By going into the stores myself, I usually see one or more persons that I know, maybe a school classmate from earlier years, a church member, or a neighbor. I have the opportunity to have a short and friendly conversation with them.

Seeing people I know, shopping for the beautiful fresh fruits and vegetables, choosing foods from the deli, selecting my choices of cheeses and meats, and perhaps a special freshly cut flower, make me happy to shop, as I wuz just thinking.

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