I Wuz Just Thinking: Emergency Surgery


Throughout life, there are times when we find ourselves in a situation where we either need a good neighbor or we need to be one.

This morning there was a rapid knock at my glass patio door.  I went to see who it was and what was wrong.

Standing there with her arms outstretched, holding the patient, was one of the neighborhood mothers.

Her “Spiderman pillow buddy” looked limp in her arms.

Standing beside her was her little boy crying almost uncontrollably.

Seems the pet dog had attacked this Super Hero and tore one arm nearly off.

Betty Mahurin Baker

I quickly took the patient and reassured them I would do my best to tend to him, and when he was well enough, I would take him in my “ambulance” Jeep to their home.

Luckily, no amputation was necessary, and the arm was fully re-attached, leaving barely a thin blue scar.

As I drove my ambulance Jeep into their driveway, the little boy, Jay, was anxiously watching through the window.

Even before I could get out of the car, holding Spiderman in my arms, the mother and little boy were reaching for the patient.

I explained the procedure and assured them that I thought there would be no bad side effects.  The little boy was carefully hugging his Spiderman pillow buddy as I left.

The mother asked what she could pay me for the surgery.

My reply?

Just be a good neighbor to someone else. 

I wuz just thinking. 

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