I Wuz Just Thinking: Doritos anyone?

Just because my husband I talk to each other doesn’t mean we hear or remember exactly what’s being said.

Anyone like Doritos?

I have a large box of small packages.

I guess I need to give them away.

The other day Jimmy asked me if the local grocer still carried frozen enchiladas that had been put out by Banquet, the frozen TV dinners.

Betty Mahurin Baker

I told him I had not seen any in several years.  He said he used to add chopped onions, grated cheese, and chili to the top of the frozen enchiladas and heated them in an oven. He had fast and easy enchiladas.

Jimmy is hard of hearing and talks soft.  I, too, have a loss of some hearing and we both get confused, at times, of one another’s verbal conversations. Can’t hear. Can’t remember.

I then heard him ask if the grocer carried the packages of mixed Doritos.  Since he planned to go to the houseboat, I thought he wanted to carry some to the lake.

Yesterday, while at Brookshires, I was on the chip aisle and spied the large box of Doritos.

After arriving home, lugging in the groceries along with that box of mixed packages of Doritos, Jimmy asked me why I bought the Doritos.

I was a little confused. He had just asked me about Doritos the day before.  I tried to explain the conversation we had had.  He said he did not like Doritos, and he did not recall the conversation.

This evening, while eating a small package of Doritos, the memory of our conversation came back to me.

He had not inquired of the mixed packages of Doritos.

He wanted variety packs of Burritos!   

No wonder he had not recalled our conversation.….as I was just thinking

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