I Wuz Just Thinking: A Debt Unpaid


He said he was sorry that he would pay my mother back for the hundred dollars he had taken from her, but by then it was too late.

Recently a friend was telling about his older sister and the love she had shown him.

He said when they were young children, he had done something that called for a spanking from their dad.  He knew what he had done but would not admit it to his dad.  He and his sister were sent to their room to discuss the matter.

His sister agreed to accept the punishment from the father rather than to see him, her brother, or possibly the both of them, getting spanked.

Betty Mahurin Baker

He said that although he had thanked her several times through the years for taking the punishment that she did not deserve, there was no way to “take it back,” to get her un-spanked.

This reminded him of the story of our Jesus Christ who paid a debt he did not owe and that there is no way we can repay HIM for accepting our sins.

That story of “not being able to repay a debt” reminded me of a time in my life that I had dated a young man a few times.  He had gone on a day trip with my mother and myself.  When we returned to my home, the young man and my mother went on into the house and I left to go get us some hamburgers.

Mother was legally blind.  When she came into the house, she laid her purse on an end table.  She said the young man went to the window as if watching me drive away. Mother saw him open her purse and take out a $100 dollar bill.

Although mother was legally blind, there were certain ways Mother could turn her head and still be able to see through a narrow slit in her eye.

After I returned home and the man left, Mother told me what happened.  She said she knew it was him because she saw him, but also earlier in the day when she had opened her purse, she said the young man’s eyes bugged-eyed when he saw the cash money in her purse.

One day, years later, I saw him in a store. I approached him and told him what I knew he had done – stealing the $100 from my elderly blind mother’s purse.  He admitted he had taken the money and was going to pay her back.

I told him, “No, you won’t pay her back.”

He said, “Yes, honestly, I will pay her back.”

Again I told him that he could never pay her back.

She had died.

He said he would bring the money to me.  I told him that I did not want the money.  It was not a debt owed me. The debt was between him and my mother.  Now that he cannot repay her, the debt is between he and Jesus Christ.

A debt he could not pay…..as I wuz jus thinking. 

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