I Wuz Just Thinking: A Bandana from Willie

Willie Nelson has been dishing up country music for a long time and has become a singing legend.

My son slowly began turning pale and looked as if he was about to faint.   A heart attack?  I think he came real close.

Years ago, James, son number six, was crazy about Willie Nelson‘s music and attended Willie’s concerts whenever he could.

At one such concert, Willie tossed his famous red bandana with “Willie” printed on it, to James.

As soon as my son arrived back in Kilgore, he came to our home and asked me to put this precious and priceless scarf in a special place to keep it safe for him.  He was afraid if he carried it home, it might be accidentally misplaced or thrown away.

I put the precious and valuable bandana in a safe place for James.

Well, James,  is someone who enjoys pulling tricks on his family members.

Betty Mahurin Baker

So, this time, Mom had a brainstorm.

Smiling broadly with a mischievous look on my face, I located an old large picture frame and gave it a good cleaning.  I took the picture and news article about the concert from the local newspaper and placed them under the glass in the picture frame.

I then took “a red bandana I already had, cut it, and carefully arranged it in the frame, outlining the news article.  

I must admit, it looked great! 

James, came over early the next morning to hold his precious bandana.  He wore a huge grin of anticipation as he sat on the sofa.  I left the room as if going to retrieve his “safe” bandana.

Instead of the Willie bandana, I came back into the den carrying the picture frame with the newspaper picture and article, as well as a red bandana.  I told him I had a surprise for him.

I was grinning from ear to ear.

I turned the frame around and he saw the red bandana cut into pieces. James lost his breath. He was gasping from anxiety.

I asked, “Do you like your gift?”

I stood there smiling as if I was so proud of myself. All James could muster from  of his mouth was, “m-o-m…, m-o-m…,-m-o-m….”

He began turning pale and looked as if he was about to faint.   A heart attack?  I think he came close.

I waited a few minutes.

I watched him suffer a few minutes.

Then, feeling sorry for him,  I reached over for the “Willie’s bandana,  shook it out, and asked, “Is this what you came for?”

His was a sigh of relief and gradually resumed his regular heartbeat.

Color returned to his face as he reached for his priceless bandana.

He slowly walked back toward his home with the picture frame under his arm and tightly clutching his connection to Willie Nelson in his hand.

He has cut way down on tricks toward mom.

And he no longer asks me to protect any of his valuables.

I wuz just thinking . . .

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