I feel naked. Where have all my books gone?


I FEEL NAKED. Where have all my books gone?

I go to Amazon.

I look under my name in the Kindle store.

And nothing’s there.

Thank God for White Bird Publishing.

Evelyn Byrne has my paperback books online.

But my eBooks have gone away.

I am in the midst of changing digital publishers.

I liked my old publisher.

He sold a lot of my books.

His sales made the writing effort worthwhile.

But now he, sadly, is going away as well.

I will miss him a lot.

Alas, I have had the good fortune to turn to a bright, new, innovative, high-energy, visionary publishing company to handle, promote, and market the eBooks.

You heard right.

Y&R Publishers promotes and markets books produced by its stable of authors.

In today’s publishing wasteland – where everyone wants to write, everyone wants to publish, and nobody knows a damn thing about selling books in an environment that changes every time a new geek awakens with a new idea – that is a rarity.

And it’s a blessing.

Other publishing houses, large and small, have said they would.

Their contract was filled with empty promises.

I’ve seen the snags.

I’ve heard the cries of woe from disappointed authors.

A couple of those cries, years ago, were mine.

Y & R is different.

I’ve seen the game plan.

I’ve seen it in action.

However, as we all know, the process of re-releasing books takes time.

But then, nothing worthwhile is ever done overnight.

In the past, I’ve written books, I’ve thrown them on Amazon, I’ve hammered out a bunch of blogs, I’ve scattered a lot of tweets, I’ve shuffled the novels around on Facebook.

I was blindfolded and shooting in the dark.

Buy an ad here, people said.

Buy an ad there, people said.

Join this group.

Jump on a forum with that group.

Watch the sales soar.

I keep watching.

Sell a few here.

Sell a few there.

It’s never enough.

Maybe this time, my publishing and marketing will be done right.

Maybe I won’t be scatter shooting anymore.

I like new ideas.

I like innovation.

The old ways didn’t work so well.

Let’s try some new ways.

Y & R’s program makes sense.

Y & R has mapped out a whole new direction for book sales, and I think the team is on to something.

Wait, I tell myself.

Be patient, I tell myself.

But I keep checking Amazon.

Where’s Secrets of the Dead?

What happened to Conspiracy of Lies?

Did it get too dark for Night Side of Dark?

On Kindle, I no longer exist.

My name’s erased.

My books are erased.

Being naked is a terrible place to be.

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