Human Connections and an Honest Relationship.



Human connection is a pearl of great value, and, like an exquisite gem, it hangs around few necks. We crave it; oh we do, for somewhere inside us we know it’s the way things were meant to be. In our part of the world, many have given up on the notion of deeply committed connection and have gotten a dog or cat to fill that void. Yes, honest relationship, for honesty is a necessity in this case, is vanishing from our society like clear skies from Los Angeles, mostly because we no longer honor honesty. Watch TV ads and see what values they foster. Lying is treated as a clever solution. Taking responsibility is non-existent. What that leaves us with is superficiality at its finest, and we all know how wearying and empty relationships of that ilk are.

Christina Carson
Christina Carson

Yes, it takes time to establish a deep connection with another: time to come to understand and be honest about yourself; time to work out each snag as it arises with another. But oh how fine the rewards.

I have mentioned before what a fan I’ve been of the Carlos Castaneda series, even more so when I actually realized what Don Juan was describing and introducing Carlos to – a new worldview, the one quantum physics threw in science’s face. But there were so many other truths I also saw within that grand design Don Juan kept demonstrating. One thing I read there was a line Don Juan said in reference to his best friend, Don Genaro. You know how when you read something that just sticks with you, but you’re unsure as to why? The line I read that day was such a statement. Don Juan and Don Genaro explored this universe fearlessly for many years, lived in a state of consciousness that kept them above the daily litany of tripe but required them to maintain that state through their devotion to holding in defeat four enemies: fear, clarity, power, and old age. For that commitment, they in turn had a life of extraordinary dimensions. Carlos, still living in the superficiality of drama and gamesmanship did not really grasp what Don Juan told him in that line so memorable to me, when he pointed to Don Genaro and said: Only with this one am I real.

That’s what we want. That’s what we seek. To be real with others rather than constantly racking it back to meet what we refer to as polite behavior. Not that being real means the opposite – impolite or rude behavior. Rather it means we can live honestly, at least as a starting point, and with honesty as our basis for relationship, the world is our oyster, and the pearl of being able to be real hangs about our neck not as an albatross, but as a gem that allows us both true love and respect for another and all that makes possible in the relationships of our lives.

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