How about that new Amazon smart phone?

amazon smartphone


My son-in-law texted a link to me last week about the word on the street that Amazon is about to release its first smart phone.

My son-in-law lives at my house, so one could ask why he would text me such information instead of just telling me about it.

But that’s the way people in his generation communicate.

Which is why my hat’s off to the guys at Amazon.

They don’t follow trends.  They create them.

Remember a device call the Kindle?

Five, six or seven years ago when Amazon first introduced its digital ereader, people scratched their heads.

“That’s crazy,” they said. “Paper books are here to stay, and digital books are a flash in the pan.”

That was back when eBooks clocked in at 1 to 3 percent of the books sold.

“Predicting is hard.  Especially when it’s about the future,” Yogi Berra said.

Amazon has been pretty good at predicting.

Back to the Amazon smart phone.

If you Google “Amazon smart phone,” you will see a few blogs that talk about the coming thing.  The definitive specs are still shrouded in mystery, but it appears the phone, which has been a couple of years in development, will be an Android style device with a cluster of cameras that will create a 3D capability.

Early speculation is that Amazon will follow its tried and true approach.

It will offer the phone at a low price point, say $100, and hope that consumers flock to it so that those consumers will use it to spend a great deal of time visiting Amazon.

Remember the Kindle?

What about a data package, you ask.

That’s another unknown, but again speculation is that Amazon has something in the works to provide access to inexpensive data that will allow users, shall we say Prime users, to access movies, music, audiobooks, eBooks and whatever digital realities may come along.

The beauty of the new Amazon smart phone, of course, is that it will create one device that contains all the access points to Amazon that now reside separately in various apps. All these apps, or whatever they are correctly called by people who understand how they work, will sync with each other, creating a seamless Amazon experience for the smart phone owner.

If you are a reader or listener, you gotta love that.

If you’re a writer, you gotta love that.

That digital thing is just a flash in the pan. Right?

Look for the official announcement about the phone on June 18, 2014.

The world is changing again.

Or, to be more accurate, Amazon is changing the world again.

Click here to read one of the blogs about the new phone and its specs on techradar.





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