Holding on to the Hands of Time.


Time is lost and time is found.

Time flies and time drags.

Time brings victory and time brings defeat.

Time is squandered and time is well spent.

Time speeds up and time slows down.

Time is a joy and time is a burden.

Sometimes, we wish we had more time.

Sometimes, we wish we had less time.

Sometimes, time is a bother.

Sometimes, time is precious.

We have just received a gift of time – 8,760 valuable new hours, 525,600 precious new minutes.

Time for new beginnings.

Time for new opportunities.

Time for new directions.

Time for new emphasis.

Time for new friends.

Time for new meanings.

Time for new tasks.

Time for new blessings.

Time for new solutions.

Time for new discoveries.

Time for new chances.

Time for new hope.

Time for new resolve.

Time for new thoughts.

Time for new relationships.

Time for new views.

Time for new joys.

Time for new victories.

Time for new optimism.

Time for new goals.

Time for new circumstances.

Time for new attitudes.

Time – an abundance of time – to bring renewal to ourselves.

And to those all about us.

Roger Summers is a journalist and essayist who spends time in Texas, New Mexico and England and in a world of curiosity and creativity. He is the author of The Day Camelot Came to Town and Heart Songs From a Washboard Road. He can be reached at wrsummers@sbcglobal.net.

Washboard Road

Please click the book cover image to read more about Heart Songs from a Washboard Road,  the short story collection of Roger Summers.


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