his mind was clouded, his body broken, but he fought back with hope and inspiration

Keith McCormick
Keith McCormick

I met Keith McCormick online. He lives in New Jersey and I live in Texas, but through the last couple of years, we have become great friends. It all started when I got my husband a puppy, a crème lab. We were trying to think of a name for him, so I posted his picture online and asked for ideas. Keith came up with Walt. I thought that was so funny. A dog named Walt. We started corresponding about the dog and before you know it, we were friends as if we’d known each other for years. The dog’s name is Cutter, but Keith still calls him Walt.

This piece isn’t about the dog, it’s about the amazing book Keith wrote.

COMING FORWARD – This is an incredible story of one man’s journey through the devastation of a stroke and a medical mistake. It’s Keith’s story. It happened to him.

Let me tell you little about Keith. He is married to wife Denise, he calls her Fern, a truly inspirational woman. They have two grown children, a son Patrick and a daughter, Katie. Keith is blessed with an entire family who surrounded him during this time of despair and rallied him through. When you read this story you will be overwhelmed with the love and support this man received from them.

Keith is also the 2007 recipient of The Kessler Institute’s Triumph of The Human Spirit Award.

Keiths book on AmazonThe story begins with 51 year old Keith in his kitchen finishing his household projects and thinking he should start getting in shape. Oh, did I mention he also has a club foot and scoliosis?  He decided on bike riding and went to the garage to find the long lost apparatus. After three turns around the block in 95 degree heat something didn’t feel right.

What follows in the book is the step by step nightmare that began with that bike ride and ended in a terrifying journey caused by a team of doctors and the horrible mistake they made. This inconceivable blunder stopped his heart and rendered him paralyzed.

Keith tells his story in a way that will leave you laughing, crying, and shaking your head in disbelief. You see, he is also a stand-up comedian, so you will get a ringside view of this journey of his in a perspective that will give you hope and fill you with joy. You will meet his incredible family and they will tug at your heartstrings.

A quote from the book, “In 2006, I was led to believe I had suffered a small stroke located in a bad part of my brain, and my family and I reluctantly accepted the hand I was dealt. In a state of muddled chaos, word of a tainted drug came to pass as heparin.

“There’s almost an unbearable pain one suffers when a soul is broken. The disappointment in your fellow man, questioning authority when you’ve been taught not to.

“I stood in grim defiance of pain, a pain that some would call a weakness. The pain of having my spirit ripped from within, leaving me to wonder in disbelief. With only a broken body to search for hope and a clouded mind to look for inspiration, I was able to spark a spirit from within and find hope through others.”

Even though this is a book of how things can go wrong in a corrupt medical society, it is also a story of a man who did not give up though he was unable to speak, unable to move. ‘He chose to conquer fear, pain, and darkness to bring forth a legacy for his children and grandchildren.’

ref=sib_dp_kd-1Patty Wiseman is author of an Unlikely Beginning. Please click the book cover to read more about the novel or purchase a copy from Amazon.

Patty can be reached at patty_wiseman1966@yahoo.com, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Goodreads, LinkedIn, and www.pattywiseman.net

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