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Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out. ~ Robert Collier

I have taken an “unofficial” poll among writers in various groups I belong to about where they are promoting their books online. What I learned is that many authors tend to stick with the well known promotion sites – either because they’ve had good results in the past, or because they simply don’t have time to research alternatives.

Marquita Herald
Marquita Herald

Since I manage a list of over 100 book promotion sites (growing daily!) in conjunction with my book Boost Your eBook Sales Success I thought I’d take the opportunity today to  share with you a few book promotion sites that you may not be familiar with – yet.

I should also mention that most of these sites charge a small fee for their services. The reality is you can only go so far on free, so if you’re serious about getting your book into the hands of enough readers to make a difference (emotionally and financially), eventually you’re going to need to invest in your author business. I’ve personally used these services, and consider each of these sites to be “author friendly” by their ease of use, and for the varied opportunities they provide to promote you and your book(s).

In alphabetical order:

Ask David


Description: This is an “interactive” website that features free and paid books. The site is actually based in Austria, but they also have an excellent Alexa US rank at 75,000+ and they actively encourage readers to submit book reviews.

Opportunities: They have “temporarily” suspended free listings, but there is a $15 book promotion option which is a great deal when you consider that this is not a per book price, but one-time fee for ALL of your books.

Check it out:

  • You’ll get a book promotion page on their site for each book you submit with a link to your Amazon sales page(s).
  • Link to your website/blog, Facebook page, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest accounts!
  • Share buttons on your page(s) for each of the above referenced social media platforms.
  • They will display your YouTube book trailer on your page.
  • Encourage reviews for your book(s) and you will receive a notification when a review is posted.
  • After your page(s) are created they will send a tweet announcing your book to their 19,500 Twitter followers.

Awesome Gang


Description: Website featuring free and low cost eBooks. Awesome Gang has an exceptionally good Alexa rank at around 22,300 in the US.

Opportunities: No registration or special requirements and the listing is free of charge. Simply fill out the listing form and submit and they will include your book in their free subscriber newsletter. They also have an Author Interview option and a Facebook page where you can post a notice of “free” or bargain price sale day promotions.

Book Basset


Description: A blog promoting primarily fiction free eBooks for Kindle. The Alexa rank is moderate at 223,101.

Opportunities: They offer just one paid promotional opportunity. For $21.99/day they will feature your book on their site, Facebook page (32,000 + fans) and in an email to subscribers. But here’s what makes this deal notable, you pay for the one book, but at the same time you can submit up to 5 of your books that will be included in the promotion!

Since I write nonfiction and the emphasis for the site is fiction I almost passed on trying this out, but changed my mind. I submitted my book Stepping Stones to Greater Resilience for just one day, and included the companion quote book, Words of Wisdom for Challenging Times. The quality of the promotion ad was exceptional, and I saw a very impressive bump in sales for both books immediately that way more than justified the cost. I definitely plan to do this again!

Free eBooks Daily


Description: Extremely active book promotion site featuring free, bargain books for Kindle and even audio books. Their Alexa rank is good at 153,000 and their Facebook page has over 10,000 fans.

Disclaimer: I was contacted by the owner of this site with a request to consider a promotional barter. After reviewing his site and Facebook page I agreed to the exchange so you’ll see one of my books in their feature spot light if you visit the site this week. What you can’t see is the big smile on my face this morning after reviewing my book sales at Amazon and seeing a really nice bump in sales for this book in just the 2 days it’s been featured on this site. So, happy to report from firsthand experience, the feature book promotion works like a champ!

Opportunities: All of their promotions are paid and include $100 to be book of the week, $20 for the .99 Book of the Day, and $15 for a Free Day Sale post. For the fee your book will be included in a blog post, their email to subscribers and a post on their Faceook Fan Page.

FYI – I also spoke with the owner of the site about the possibility of adding author interviews or author spotlights and he assured me he’s open to both, so I encourage you to become familiar with this site because I have a feeling it’s going to keep growing.

Promo with KB Boards


Description: This is a very active community of authors sharing information and opportunities. KBoards (formerly known as The Kindle Boards) offers promotional opportunities connecting authors to their huge list of Kindle readers.

Opportunities: This is a dynamic site that regularly introduces new opportunities. They’ve recently discontinued promoting free eBooks; however they do offer Bargain Book Promotions $10, Book Discovery (geared toward books with few reviews or Amazon ranking higher than 10,000 and an awesome spotlight book promo for $50. I spend a fair amount of time on Kindle Boards and the authors who have used this promotional service rave about the results.

The last site I want to share with you has become one of my all time favorites. They do offer book promotion opportunities, but the big deal for me is the huge, extremely active author community. Unlike so many others, there is no self-promotion here – it’s all about the business of being an author.

World Literary Café


Description: Extensive membership site for authors and authors who blog. Very active community with many cross promotional opportunities.

Opportunities: Must be a registered user, membership is free. You really need to spend some time here to take in all of the opportunities, but to give you an idea there are groups to increase “Likes” for your Facebook pages, Twitter exchange groups and Tweet Teams, author/blogger meet-ups, book read/review exchanges, and BETA readers and more! There are also free and paid promotional opportunities. For example their Social Media Mania Buzz is $40 for a 24 hr blast.

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