Have you heard of StoryBundle, a really cool way to buy curated books?


I learned about StoryBundle a few days ago from Bob Lowe, a fellow author whose book, The Moses Project, is a top five finalist for Best Indie Book of 2012 in the thriller genre.

(In case I forgot to mention it, Bob Lowe has already won a Pulitzer.  Despite that amazing accomplishment, he is really a down to earth, humble guy. You gotta love that in a person.)

Bob Lowe
Bob Lowe

StoryBundle is a cool concept in curated books.  It focuses on top notch books by Indie writers.  The site bundles several books together in a particular genre and offers them as a group to readers.  Readers can set their own price, although they have to pay something.  In other words, these aren’t free books. Also if the reader pays at least $7.00 for the bundle, he receives two bonus books for free.

The buyer also can apportion part of his payment to one of two charities.

All the books in the bundle are non-DRM, which means they can be read on practically any ereading device.

A particular bundle stays on sale for about three weeks, I think.  Then the next bundle arrives and readers can purchase another one.  Or they can look at the archives and purchase a former bundle.  StoryBundle also runs interviews with authors formerly featured.

The genres change from bundle to bundle. The first was SCI-FI, the current one thrillers.  I am not sure how many categories StoryBundle plans to include, but I feel certain over a short period of time, it will feature something of interest to just about every taste in fiction.

Like I said.  It is a really cool concept in curation.  Handpicked books in popular genres where you set the price.  How can you beat that set up?

Check it out when you get the chance.

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