Happy New Year from Magnolia Bluff

It’s been a hard year in Magnolia Bluff. Too many have died. But maybe the new year will be better. Maybe peace will finally come to the town. Don’t bet on it.

A New Year looms before the good folks of Magnolia Bluff.

It’s been a hard year.

A tough year.

Too many have died.

Why does such a nice, quaint little town suffer from so much violence, so many murders.

Who knows?

Well, the ten authors who are producing the Magnolia Bluff Crime Chronicles know.

Just ask them.

They have turned their considerable mystery writing talents loose in a single Texas Hill Country community.

It’s a good place to live.

It’s a good place to find a friend.

It’s a good place to settle down.

It’s a good place to die.

The undertaker is the busiest man in town.

Today we are looking at the final three books in the nine-book series: Dewey Decimal Dilemma by Linda Pirtle, Justice, by Kelly Marshall, and Born and Bred Texan by Jinx Schwartz.

As I said, it’s been a hard year in Magnolia Bluff.

Maybe the new year will be better.

Maybe peace will finally come to the town.

Don’t bet on it.

Be watching for Book 10: The Dog Gone Diamond Dilemma.

It’s coming in February.

Death still walks the streets of our wonderful little town.

Dewey Decimal Dilemma by Linda Pirtle

Magnolia Bluff, Texas, is a typical small town in the heart of the Hill Country.

Just because it is small and everybody knows everyone’s business, the town isn’t insulated from murder and mayhem. Which begs the questions: Who’s responsible for breaking into houses? How are poodles, ghosts, drug cartels, and Ponzi schemes connected with a serial killer?

Caroline McCluskey, the town’s librarian, routinely catalogues books using the Dewey Decimal system. When a black and white poodle puppy arrives unannounced, she calls him Dewey. His arrival creates a challenge for Caroline. Now, she must catalogue events to identify a serial killer in her town.

No matter how many murders occur, no matter what kinds of mischief the town experiences, some traditions never vary. Come Monday morning, the early-morning group sits at the coffee shop’s round table to solve the world’s problems.

Come Thursday, ladies sit in dim lights with their husbands and/or escorts in LouEllen’s Lounge and listen to romantic melodies.

Come Sunday, all good Christians sit in their pews at either the Presbyterian, Baptist, Methodist, or Catholic sanctuaries to hear the Gospels. The killer may be among them, singing the loudest. Praying the hardest.

In Magnolia Bluff, you never can tell.

Justice by Kelly Marshall

A young girl is discovered raped and murdered just outside of Magnolia Bluff, Texas.

State Conservation Police Officer, Madison Jackson is stunned to her core.

The sight of that battered and bruised child on a stainless-steel slab in the morgue sends Madison on a perilous trip south of the border into the heart of the deadly Mexican cartel country.

Madison is kidnapped.

Will she make it out alive?

Born and Bred Texan by Jinx Schwartz

Blue Bonet, widowed and in mourning, returns to Magnolia Bluff in her home state of Texas.

Her grandmother had bequeathed an old lake house to her, and she cherishes childhood memories there.

She arrives at the lake and finds the house she remembers as being grand, is now in disrepair.

She tackles the repairs, and is determined to make a new life for herself,

It seems like an uphill battle.
A rollercoaster of ups and down conspire to destroy her dream, and she begins to wonder if you really can’t go home again.

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