What goes through the mind of an assassin?

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IN HER SIXTIES, Claudia Barry enjoys painting, walks on the beach, and relaxing holidays. She has a Master’s degree in group dynamics that she puts to good use. She appreciates and trusts two men in her life: one a confidante, the other her lover. Both have secrets of which she is unaware.

Claudia has secrets of her own, however: she’s worked as a sniper for a mysterious organization for forty years. A sharpshooter whose targets are ruthless criminals, Claudia fits neither the profile of vigilante or serial killer, and yet she is both. A master of disguise, she uses her knowledge of group dynamics to assassinate her targets while remaining undetected.

Claudia attributes her ability to stay in the field longer than most–and with more kills–to her ability to compartmentalize the varied aspects of her life, personality, relationships, and activities. What, however, will be the cost of keeping the different parts of herself so tightly closed off from each other?

In this, the first novel of a series, she resists self-examination, regarding herself with self-effacing humor rather than facing the questions that won’t go away. Can her barriers remain impregnable?

Claudia is the best in her field, but when the man she loves is hired to protect the adversary of her target, things go awry for the first time. The author leaves the reader wondering: will Claudia finally examine her life?

The Tourist Killer is both a thriller and an analysis of character. Filled with intrigue and action, it also raises questions about gender stereotypes and psychological profiles. I liked it enough that I bought the second book in the series!

About the Author
Author FCEtierBorn in Louisiana, FCEtier spent most of his adult life in Baton Rouge, eventually splitting his time between Baton Rouge and Gulfport, Mississippi. Hurricane Katrina sent him in search of a safer harbor, which he found in Western North Carolina. With an eye for the unusual found within the usual, Etier has been involved with photography for many years.
He began freelance writing several years ago, concentrating on music and book reviews and essays. His writing influences range from Dr. Seuss and Ernest Hemingway to William Safire, Ferrol Sams, Mark Twain, Miriam Goldberg, Ian Fleming, Michael Crichton, Carl Hiaasen, James A. Michener, Caleb Pirtle and John Grisham.
He is the author of The Tourist Killer and The Presidents ClubCurrently working on his third book, A Year Without KillingThe Tourist Killer and The Presidents Club are now on Amazon and NOOK. He is a featured artist, blogger and author atVentureGalleries.com

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