Got questions about selling books? Got answers? We want to know them both.


IN THE WIDE OPEN, wild-eyed world of Indie publishing, what is the most important challenge facing writers who have suddenly – after many years or months of hard labor  – finished producing their books and suddenly consider themselves authors?

I’ll step up and answer that question.

And I’m probably speaking for most of the 700,000 Indie writers out there who have one or multiple eBooks floating around lost in cyberspace.

The answer is book sales.

Or more correctly, the answer is lack of book sales.

At least, that’s the final and ultimate bottom-line answer.

But what are the roadblocks standing in the way of those sales?

Does anyone know?

Does anyone have a clue?

guyandbooksWhen it comes to promotion, marketing, and particularly sales, do you ever feel like you’re lost in maze? Trapped? Know there’s a way out but can’t find it?

I talk to a lot of Indie writers, and, believe me, they are in the same boat as authors with agents and traditional marketing contracts. Everyone is running every which way but loose and without a lot of direction.

Maybe fifty living authors in today’s marketplace are getting rich.

A couple of hundred are probably making car and house payments, maybe buying a few groceries with their royalty checks.

But a huge majority of those fiction authors, no matter which publishing imprint is on their novels, aren’t selling many books either.

Never have.

That’s the big secret, which was a secret because aspiring authors did not want to believe it.

Think publishers market your book?’

Think again.

Not only do I talk to a lot of Indie writers, I read a lot of blogs, and I see the same questions coming up time and time again. It doesn’t matter whether you are selling in bookstores, at book fairs, at neighborhood festivals, or online.

How do I get reviews?

How do I get press releases for my book published in a national newspaper?

How do I get my book publicized in national magazines?

How can I reach book bloggers?

Who can market my book?

Does advertising really sell books?

Does hiring a publicist really make a difference?

How effective is social media?

Does tweeting about my book really help?

Does tweeting about your book ever help my book?

Why blog all the time when only a handful ever see it on my Website?

How can I draw a larger crowd at book signings?

Should I stick with eBooks?

Can I sell more print books than eBooks?

We have the scales of justice standing before us.

Lots of questions on one side.

Few if any answers on the other?

What questions about Indie publishing and book sales trouble you the most?

What do you think is the key to potential book sales?

And, more importantly, do you have any answers.

Inquiring minds certainly want to know. 

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