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Join adventure/mystery writer George Dismukes tonight at 8 p.m. EST, on the Voice of Indie Podcast, hosted by Beem Weeks and Stephen Geez. Call in and talk to George. He’s looking forward to hearing from you.

George spent the first half of his life in pursuit of adventure. This ranged from bullfighting as a youth to milking poisonous snakes professionally at Ross Allen’s Reptile Institute in Silver Springs, Florida. The early 60s found him chasing wild animals across the Serengeti in the movie business and operating an animal export company in Iquitos, Peru.

He spent many years exploring archaeological sites of the ancient Maya Indians in Central America and studying their lost civilization. He also lived in Honduras, where the story, TWO FACES OF THE JAGUAR takes place.

In 1980, he began a video production company in Houston, Texas and worked as a ’triple threat’ (writer/director/producer) creating some of the Houston market’s most creative television commercials. He won a CLEO award for his production of a series of television PSAs concerning prevention of child abuse, funded through a grant from the University of Houston.

Currently, he lives on the Texas Coast with his soul mate and closest friend, Nadine, where he writes and works in magazine advertising.

His hobbies include growing exotic chili peppers and experimenting with salsa recipes. Above all, George is a devout animal lover and has two dogs, named Pulga and Gizmo, respectively.

Siren Song

She is the last surviving siren on earth.
And she is willing to commit mass murder to keep on surviving.

She is the last siren on earth. She has lived for almost two thousand years. But now, she fears for her existence. More and more, sport scuba divers are taking dive trips to The Great Blue Hole of The Caribbean, unaware that “The Hole” is the siren’s lair.

She hatches a plan. In her mind, if she can kill everyone aboard a dive boat at The Great Blue Hole, she will create fear of the location, and visitors will stay away. Will it work? Morphed as a beautiful woman, she joins a dive safari group along the Texas coast that is bound for Lighthouse Reef and The Great Blue Hole.

She feels that by working ‘from the inside’ she can easily kill every person on board, one at a time. Will her plan work? The main fly in the ointment is none other than a twelve year old boy. Can he stop her murderous fury?

If he can’t, everyone aboard the pleasure craft, SIREN SONG, is doomed.

Siren Song II

When seven people go missing from a dive boat found floating atop THE GREAT BLUE HOLE OF THE CARIBBEAN, there is panic to find them and learn their fate.

When Angie Holland saw the story on National News, her blood ran cold. She feared the worst. “The bitch is back!” If she was right, she knew she must take action, immediately. To tell someone… anyone, the truth would do no good. Whoever she told would think she had gone over the edge. So, her mission was very personal. She had to go to Belize and finish what she thought was over two years ago. Twenty-four hours later, she was on a plane, bound for Central America.

But questions abounded: What had gone wrong the first time? Why wasn’t the siren dead? And if blowing holes in her with a bang stick didn’t do the job, what would?

As the plane jets south, Angie knows none of the answers. But she does know, this time, she must not fail. Untold lives depend on it for hundreds of years to come. And when it is over, nobody will know except her, and a small contingent who surrounds her.

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