George Dismukes: Our Indie Book Source Author of the Week

George Dismukes writes stories that have flawed characters who are in the midst of a supernatural battle against ancient forces of evil.

GEORGE DISMUKES spent the first half of his life in pursuit of adventure.

This ranged from bullfighting as a youth to milking poisonous snakes professionally at Ross Allen’s Reptile Institute in Silver Springs, Florida.

The early 60s found him chasing wild animals across the Serengeti in the movie business and operating an animal export company in Iquitos, Peru.

He spent many years exploring archaeological sites of the ancient Maya Indians in Central America and studying their lost civilization.

He also lived in Honduras, where the story, TWO FACES OF THE JAGUAR and the sequel, RETURN TO THE LOST CITY OF THE MONKEY GOD, takes place. This story has now become a trilogy, with THE JAGUAR’S QUEST being penned at this writing.

In 1980, he began a video production company in Houston, Texas, and worked as a ’triple threat’ (writer/director/producer) creating some of the Houston market’s most creative television commercials.

He won a CLEO award for his production of a series of television PSAs concerning the prevention of child abuse, funded through a grant from the University of Houston.

Currently, he lives on the Texas Coast with his soul mate and closest friend, Nadine, where he writes and works for THE SALTWATER ANGLER MAGAZINE as the Houston Regional Sales Manager.

His hobbies include growing exotic chili peppers and experimenting with salsa recipes.

Above all, George is a devout animal lover and animal advocate. He has two dogs, named Pulga and Gizmo, respectively.

Siren Song

She is the last surviving siren on earth.

And she is willing to commit mass murder to keep on surviving.

She is the last siren on earth.

She has lived for almost two thousand years. But now, she fears for her existence. More and more, sport scuba divers are taking dive trips to The Great Blue Hole of The Caribbean, unaware that “The Hole” is the siren’s lair.

She hatches a plan. In her mind, if she can kill everyone aboard a dive boat at The Great Blue Hole, she will create fear of the location, and visitors will stay away.

Will it work?

Morphed as a beautiful woman, she joins a dive safari group along the Texas coast that is bound for Lighthouse Reef and The Great Blue Hole.

She feels that by working ‘from the inside,’ she can easily kill every person on board, one at a time.

Will her plan work?

The main fly in the ointment is none other than a twelve-year-old boy. Can he stop her murderous fury?

If he can’t, everyone aboard the pleasure craft, SIREN SONG, is doomed.

Two Faces of the Jaguar

Many secrets are hidden within the darkness of the jungle. Behold this one about a man, a woman, a black jaguar, and an ancient Mayan legend.

When Andrea Granger was assigned to go to Honduras, ‘get inside and gather evidence’ against the DEA’s main suspect, she was determined to accomplish her mission with the same efficiency as in her previous assignments.

But that was before she met her culprit, Brandon Shaw. He melted her heart and her resolve, and so did Naja, Brandon’s 300-pound black jaguar, and closest companion.

She quickly discovered there was much more to Brandon Shaw than met the eye, and just as quickly, she found her mission in jeopardy. Instead of arresting him, she became determined to rescue the flawed man of the jungle.

But could she successfully extricate him from the web he had tangled himself in?

As if that weren’t enough, she found that Brandon Shaw was somehow connected to a thousand-year-old Mayan legend which threatened to destroy everything.

Unprepared, she found herself having to deal with an ancient spirit determined to kill her.

The Lost City

How does someone deal with an enraged 2,000-year-old Mayan spirit? Brandon and Andrea must find out, an odyssey that returns them to the deepest, darkest recesses of The Mosquitia Jungle with Naja, Brandon’s 300-pound black jaguar, at their side.

Brandon Shaw & Andrea Granger must decide how to deal with a furious ancient Mayan spirit, a complicated problem to be sure. Their quest takes them into the high cloud forests of Guatemala where they meet a mysterious old Mayan named Kan Bah.

Next, they find themselves returning to a place they never expected to see again, The Lost City of The Monkey God, located in the far eastern section of the Honduran Mosquitia Jungle.

It is here that Brandon Shaw discovers what the ancient spirit is angry about, and also learns more about himself than he ever wanted to know.

Most women would run. But that never occurs to Andrea Granger whose devout belief is that love is the strongest force on earth.

In this tale of supernatural spirits and a possible 2,000-year-old reincarnation, that belief is put to the test.

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