From the Dark Alleys of Chicago to the Cowboy Country of Texas


IT ALL BEGINS with a ringing telephone.

Most good mysteries do.

The private investigator is sleeping late.

Most good private investigators always sleep late.

A good friend is calling about a girl.

A troubled voice says, “I’d like you to see what you can find out about her. I have a name and address. See if you can get some history. Where is she from? Any family? Anything that might help.”

Spenser’s eyebrows went up. “Help with what?”

Ben sighed. “I don’t know. Maybe keeping her alive.”

Rick Polad
Rick Polad

It seems like such a harmless request.

It isn’t.

A simple phone call takes Spenser Manning into the underbelly of Chicago, searching for a serial killer who is leaving the dark and lonely alleys awash with death and blood.

Rick Polad’s taut suspense thriller, Dark Alleys, begins as many mysteries do.

But that’s where the similarities end.

Dark Alleys is different.

Rick Polad makes sure of it.

In his inventive and complex novel, nothing is as it seems.

The answers he finds only leads to more perplexing questions.

The girl is a prostitute.

Is she in trouble?

And prostitutes are dying, brutally murdered.

Is she in danger?

Or does she know more about the serial killer than anyone suspects?

What secrets lurk deep within her?

Does she have the final answer?

And is she the key to Spenser piecing together another intriguing puzzle before someone else is destined to die today?

The streets of the Windy City after dark may appear threatening.

But they are harmless compared to the dark alleys of Chicago.

The truth lies within reach.

But in a Rick Polad thriller, the truth is always hard to find.

Just when you have it all figured out, you don’t.


IN GIVE THE LADY A RIDE, Linda Yezak writes about the three R’s.



And romance.

One just happens to be as important as the others.

Linda may know all about affairs of the heart.

She took no chances when it came to ranching and rodeo.

She spent a long time on a working Texas ranch and became well acquainted with a genuine former professional bull rider.

Was he the inspiration for Talon Carson?


Linda Yezak
Linda Yezak

But Linda Yezak’s sojourn on the ranch gave her the knowledge she needed to write about her fictional Circle Bar Ranch with the kind of authenticity you wouldn’t expect from a woman who had never seriously set foot in cowboy country before.

Give the Lady a Ride is a heartwarming story delivered with a gentle touch and sprinkled with faith, love, and humor.

Patricia Talbot is a typical New Yorker.

She is a socialite and totally out of place outside the shadows of Manhattan’s skyscrapers.

She’s in West Texas.

She’s definitely out of place.

But Patricia inherits her uncle’s ranch and finds herself face to face with the tall, good-looking foreman and former rodeo bull rider, Talon Carson.

Their meeting typifies Linda’s adept use of humor:

Talon gritted his teeth to keep his mouth from hanging open wider than a dog’s yawn. Jake McAllister – his mentor and surrogate father – had willed the ranch to a stranger? Talon had known to expect a new owner, but he hadn’t expected this. The girl was no bigger than a new-born heifer and had an accent that reeked Yankee. No way she would know which was the working end of a cow, much less how to run a ranch.

He reached to shake her hand, then stood back. “Forgive me for asking, miss, but do you have proof of ownership?”

She jingled her keyring, saying, “I have the key to the door.”

Thus begins the journey, and it won’t be an easy road for either of them to travel.

Talon doesn’t have a lot of patience.

But he does have his faith.

Patricia, he discovers, is a lot tougher than he thought she was.

She’ll prove her point even if she has to ride a bull to do it.

Give the Lady a Ride is a sweet, old-fashioned love story, written by an exciting and vibrant new voice in Christian romance.

Life is never easy.

The road forward is filled with crisis, conflict, chaos, and confusion.

But love perseveres.

In great novels, love always does.

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