Friday’s Sampler: Resurrection by Jan Domagala


In our mission to connect readers, writers, and books, Caleb and Linda Pirtle is showcasing some of the best authors in the marketplace today. Friday’s Sampler features an excerpt from Resurrection, science fiction and high adventure from Jan Domagala.

As one reviewer said: I found the author’s writing style to be fast paced and exciting. His characters move from one setting to another in life and death situations as they fight for survival over their adversaries.

The Story

Tartaran, the planet of deadly secrets is being held by the Elysium Alliance. General Sinclair of Col Sec thinks it’s time for that to change. He sanctions a new mission for those under his command in the Wildfire Initiative.

Kurt Stryder, recently reunited with his lost love Zara Hardy, now a vital member of the Wildfire Initiative too is sent back to the planet where he finally learned where his destiny lies. This time though he has the full back up of Zara and the Wildfire Team led by Jake Riley.

The son of General Solon learns of his father’s death at the hand of Kurt Stryder on the planet Toldax and swears vengeance for this act. He chases him to Tartaran where he plans on killing him and restoring his families honour.

Elsewhere Matt Hawk is on a mission of his own. After witnessing OMEGA attack Earth and Col Sec in particular several times over the past few months he decides it’s time to take the fight to them.

He goes on a hunt to root out the daughter of OMEGA’s founder, the late Jonas Wilde. Tanya is now in command of the terrorist organisation and Matt has more than one score to settle with her.

In an adventure that sweeps across the galaxy the Wildfire Team and Matt Hawk find themselves in a bitter fight for survival. Not just the terrifying and deadly creatures that inhabit the planet are out to kill them but a team of Black Knights led by Major Solon.

Kurt learns the truth behind the city down on the planet’s surface whilst Matt discovers OMEGA’s true intent. These revelations are as surprising as they are deadly.

In the final battle only one will survive. One will have a resurrection while the other only oblivion.


In the latest chapter of the Col Sec series, Jan Domagala takes the reader on another wild ride where the stakes are higher and the danger more deadly. Resurrection is another stunning addition to an already fantastic series of futuristic high adventure.The Sampler

Dalos IV



Jan Domagala
Jan Domagala

Major Solon stormed into the office like a sirocco across the desert.

“Who killed my father?” he raged as he pulled up in front of the large desk in the centre of the room.

Captain Nokorovic stared up from his seat at the hulking man before him and tried his best to remain calm. Solon, like his father, had a reputation for violent outbursts of temper and he did not want to be on the receiving end of one.

“I’m afraid that information is above your pay grade Major,” he replied calmly. He had one hand on the butt of a Magerov P9 pistol held against his right leg just in case. He had been informed of the arrival of the late General’s son and knew what to expect.

“Above my pay grade, are you really going to give me that crap?”

Nokorovic stared back at him waiting for the telltale sign that he was going to attack.

“You’re going to tell me what happened on Toldax right now or I’ll beat it out of you,” Solon said. He waited for a heartbeat hoping that the captain would voluntarily offer up what he wanted to know, but when all he received from him was a blank stare he took a step forward.

That was the move Nokorovic had been waiting for. He stood up so fast his chair tipped over backwards. He brought up his pistol to aim at Solon, thankful he was prepared for all eventualities.

Solon saw the move and in a blur of motion, drew his own pistol and fired. The pulsed plasma bolt struck Nokorovic’s hand and sent the Magerov spinning from it. The move had been so fast Nokorovic had little time to react; one second he had the Major in his sights the next his hand was nothing but a bloody stump.

The door behind him opened and two guards rushed in and were at his back in seconds holding pistols aimed at the back of his head.

“Call them off or the next shot takes off your head,” Solon warned.

Nokorovic slumped forward onto the desk holding his bloodied hand against his chest with his other hand. He managed to glance up to give the signal for the guards to back off, his face a mask of pain.

“Tell me what I want to know… what I need to know? He was my father and I have a right to know who killed him,” Solon pleaded when they were alone once more. He had replaced his Magerov in its holster at his hip.

Nokorovic looked up and saw the grief in Solon’s eyes.

“Your father was in command of a mission on Toldax to replicate the results of an experiment Col Sec had undertaken to improve a soldier’s immune system. They claimed it was a failure but the General didn’t believe them. He had the remaining test subject brought to Toldax where they were going to use his blood to replicate the serum used. No one is quite sure what happened after that. The facility was destroyed and all data was lost. We have no records of the event so I’m afraid that’s all I can tell you.”

“Who was the test subject, what was his name?”

“He was a Recon Delta Marine, Captain Kurt Stryder.”

“Thank you Captain for your candour,” Solon said. He was about to leave when he glanced at the bloody stump that had been a hand and said, “I’d get that seen to if I were you,” and he turned and left the room.

Finally he had something to go on. He would find this Kurt Stryder and he would make him pay for his father’s death.



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