Frank A. Ruffolo: Meet The Author Podcast at Indie Book Source

Discover the stories behind the thrillers of Frank A. Ruffalo at 7 p.m. EST tonight on the Meet the Author Podcast at Indie Book Source, hosted by Rob and Joan Carter.

In Frank Ruffolo’s own words, “I was born in Manhattan, New York, and grew up in West Hempstead, Long Island. In 1975 I married my beautiful wife, Christine, and in 1979, moved to South Florida where we raised two beautiful children.

“I worked in private sector middle management until 2011 when I retired to further my writing career. My first novel, “Gabriel’s Chalice,” was followed by my action adventure love story, “The Trihedral of Chaos.”

“Publisher Linkville Press recently released the first book of my murder mystery series, “Jack Stenhouse Mysteries.”

“In addition to those books I have four more novels in various stages of progress. Not bad for a kid who failed his final exam in English as a senior in high school.”

Frank Ruffolo

Distruzione della Roccia

In this sequel to The Trihedral of Chaos set in beautiful Italy, the pope excommunicates members of the Mafia for ongoing crimes.

In retaliation, a leading Cosa Nostra family teams up with the Caliphate to kill the pope.

To protect the pontiff, the Italian government enlists the aid of longtime friends Chic, Angie, and Geo, who come out of retirement to stop the plot.

Lady of the Harbor

A park ranger on his usual morning rounds is shocked to find a woman’s body on the observation deck of the torch of the Statue of Liberty, which has been closed to the public for years.

As Jack and his team investigate the murder, they discover the dead woman is linked to a senator whose reelection campaign is funded by the shadowy leader of a group of right-wing mercenaries.

This ghost plans to use advanced weapons to force the government to comply with his dangerously radical agenda.

To stop the sociopath, Jack and his team partner with the FBI, and as their investigation deepens, Jack discovers that the right-wing militia leader has sympathizers in the government, including the senator, influential congressmen, and members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

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