Football, Murder and Revenge: Just in time for Christmas

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I don’t know how most authors decide what they will write about, what the story line of their next book will be.

But I know how I came to write about football.

Caleb Pirtle and I were discussing things people loved, and we stumbled on the topic of college football. At first, we thought about this in a travel context, about the huge migration that occurs weekly in the months of August through December each year when fans journey from their hamlets to massive coliseums in college towns across the United States.

The thought popped in my head.

“Why don’t I write a series of murder mysteries with a back drop of major collegiate football?”

There was a pause on the line.  That meant Caleb liked the idea.

“Of course, that means you will have to tell me about the scuttlebutt on the various teams,” I added.

Caleb is an encyclopedia of all things having to do with football.

And so it began.

Where better to start than at the Iron Bowl, the annual match up  between arch SEC rivals, Auburn and Alabama?

Thus was born Money is Thicker Than Blood: Murder in the SEC.   It rolled out about this time last year and quickly found a spot on a Kindle category bestseller list.

In his recent review of Money is Thicker for Kindle Book Review, Anthony Wessel of Digital Book Today wrote:  “If you are a fan of SEC Football and enjoy the mystery genre – then this book is a touchdown! “

Frank Miller, M.D., of North Carolina, in his five-star review on Amazon wrote:

For readers who like murder mysteries, with more than several offbeat goofy Southern characters, strong but cynical law enforcement characters and twists and turns, this book will be a real pleasure. Add to that great and humorous one liners, such as “That’s not income, that’s cash” and, one of the lines that epitomizes one of the main running backdrop flavors to this book, “In Lee County, a person is a football fan first, a Christian second.”
Running with the theme of football further (pun intended), the book grabs your attention with the first (of many subsequent) murders occurring in plain view of a stadium full of fans with no clue as to the perpetrator. This furnishes the opening for three investigators who happen to be attending the game, to meet and begin their complementary collaboration that takes all three of them all over the Gulf South and requires the unique talents of the three to solve this complicated case.

The game was on, so to speak.

I started the sequel, The Lazarus Deception, but got side-tracked with another book and with trying to feed the hungry digital beast that Caleb and Linda Pirtle has become.

Then, a couple of months ago, came VG Serials. For those of you who haven’t followed them, VG Serials are the episodic long-form fiction we are rolling out on Caleb and Linda Pirtle a chapter at a time.

The Lazarus Deception

VG Serials looked to me like the perfect place for the revival of the college football books.  So, I put my other work in progress on hold and jumped in.

What Money is Thicker was to Alabama and Auburn, The Lazarus Deception is to Baylor, Texas A&M, LSU and The University of Texas. Who knows? Depending on how the national championship game comes out, I may have to add a character from Notre Dame.


(Stephen Woodfin is an attorney and author of legal thrillers and murder mysteries. You can read new chapters of The Lazarus Deception on Wednesdays and Saturdays on Caleb and Linda Pirtle, or you may subscribe to his blog by clicking here to have the chapters and Woodfin’s other blogs  delivered directly to your Kindle. His complete works are available on his Amazon Author Page.)

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