FlyGirl: Panic strikes in the wild blue yonder.


The Book: FlyGirl

The Author: Syd Blue

The Story:  What does it take to fly a plane? Guts. FlyGirl Jill has plenty of courage but she forgets about one thing. And when she finds herself in absolute terror at ten thousand feet, she knows there’s only one way out…

As soon as sophomore Jill Townsend hears the hottest senior in school, Robbie Magnor, say he thinks a woman who can fly is sexy, she knows what she must do to catch his eye. As she sets out to become a pilot, she unearths a love for flying and finds she belongs up in the breath-taking sky. She wants to fly more than anything. Up there, she not only has an amazing view of the world and its endless possibilities, but there’s nothing holding her back.

But with her mom forbidding anything more dangerous than homework, Jill fights to free herself. In a clever scheme, she drums up the money for lessons and she’s off soaring into the wild blue — until a surprise in the sky foils her plans and threatens her life. Shock and panic pales in comparison to the horror waiting on the ground. Now what will Robbie think?

Syd Blue
Syd Blue

About the Author: Syd Blue had her 1st flying lesson on her 14th birthday. What a birthday present! Now she’s a commercial pilot living a life in the skies. She started writing novels in the back of her parent’s Mooney when she was small enough to fit in the baggage compartment. Trips to grandma’s house were even more fun in a plane, especially when she could get the yoke away from her 3 brothers, all of whom are pilots too.

FlyGirl Syd has also written, edited and produced for everything from TV stations to production companies, from book publishers to national magazines. She has had over 40 articles published and screenplays optioned, and supervised writing staffs around the world at magazines and news services. She also produced an award-winning documentary, TV shows, commercials and short films.

As Chief Pilot running an aviation business specializing in aerial surveillance, she sees the expansive view from above throughout the Southwest. Home base is a cabin in the woods with her knight-in-shining-armor husband, gigantic heating bill, and three precious hissing-fire cat-beasts (all of whom hate flying).

In short, Author and Aviatrix sums it up, since about all her writing includes flying. If you’d like to discuss flying and living your dreams, please visit

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