The flood waters have stolen our books.

Flood waters from Hurricane Harvey ravage the Houston area. Photo:

Books are our lifeline to the past and often filled with our dreams for the future.

We know about the hurricane that stormed ashore the Texas coastline.

We’ve watched images of rising flood waters saturating, then inundating the Gulf coast.

Towns torn apart.

Roads washed away.

Wildlife missing and gone forever.

The event has been devastating.

It has been heartbreaking.

We know about the lives lost, and we grieve.

We know about the homes lost.

A family’s memories, a family’s heritage buried in the mud.

We know about cars washed away.

We must restore and replace those books that vanish in the floods.

But newspaper pages and television cameras have forgotten some of the greatest treasures taken by Hurricane Harvey.

What about the libraries?

What about the books?

So many of them are gone, too.

As authors, we should be deeply concerned.

Books are out escape.

Books are our lifeline to the past and often filled with our dreams for the future.

Books are a nation’s heritage.

We can’t afford to lose them.

We can’t afford to forget them.

B. Alan Bourgeois, the guiding light of the Texas Association of Author’s has established a fund for authors to donate to the libraries trying to survive the damage incurred by the floodwaters.

He points out: “The Texas Library Association is in the works of finding out which libraries suffered the most and how much needs to be replaced. We have reached out to them to work closely with them to get books back into the libraries when possible.”

You can visit the Texas Association of Authors Website page for donations that will go toward buying books for the empty shelves. You can find the page HERE.

Many libraries won’t be able to apply for or have access to funds to replacing the lost books.

They are having better luck with bringing in new furniture.

They are having better luck bringing in new electronics.

But the boys in charge of handing out money have forgotten the books.

And what’s a library without books?

We authors are trying to make a difference.

You don’t have to be from Texas to donate.

You don’t have to be a member of the association to donate.

But I know how important books are to you, and I thought you would want to know.

As a noted author once said: “There have been cultures do quite well without the wheel. But no culture has ever survived without its stories.”

Let’s make sure our stories and our books are preserved when the floodwaters are gone.

I knew I could count on you.

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