Finding My Writing Place in the Universe

The power, beauty, and energy of a Supernova. Source: NASA Supernova
The power, beauty, and energy of a Supernova. Source: NASA Supernova

Writing is the key that unlocks all doors.

To write is to tap into the powerful subconscious mind, that shadow brain where knowledge and inspiration lie.

The subconscious is the wormhole to the entire universe.

And, we are a part of that universe.  Indeed, we are made of the same materials created by the death and explosion of a star, a sun that creates what we call a Supernova.

Out of that death and destruction, life springs forth and spreads through the entire universe.  Perhaps, to multiple universes.

Jory Sherman
Jory Sherman

And, in our subconscious minds, there remains that memory of a once-bright star that evolves into a Supernova.  And, from that cloud of dust and energy, creation begins again.  This is, by our finite minds, a slow process that takes billions of years to create a single atom, a molecule, a double helix of DNA, a fetus, a human being.

To me, the universe is a cosmic computer, too complex and too huge to understand.

But, understanding comes with knowledge and, just as the universe runs a simple program to create other universes and creations in this one, so, too, does the writer, the inspired writer.

I do not know what I know until I write it down.

I do not know how people affect my life until I create a world for them in a story.

The writing is the key that unlocks my own history and my identity, my place in the world, in the universe.

And, there is a secret place, in both the subconscious and the conscious mind, where I can pick up that key and unlock all doors.

The Ozarks hills are my inspiration.  It is there, in those green hills, that I can see deeper into the cosmos, delve deeper into my mind.  I knew this the moment I stepped into this world many years ago.

The beauty of the dogwoods and the redbuds abloom amid the pines and cedars, the oaks and the maples, handed me the map to the inner recesses of my twin minds and shined a light on the key that would unlock the creativity that had not been fully exploited.

The Ozarks, my Eden
The Ozarks, my Eden

So it is, that I write of these magic hills, valleys, rivers, creeks and lakes.  This is the place where I not only draw inspiration, but have learned that there is not only an Eden in my mind, but one that exists in reality.

This is where I can walk and dream, where I can see into the universe with all its wonders and beauty and find contentment and harmony.

Here lies my inspiration.  I am inspired to see, to think, to paint, to write books and stories, to let my mind wander through the woods, climb the hills, gaze at the carved faces in the bluffs, and watch the sun rise and set on my personal Eden.

I ask for nothing more.

I am given everything I want and need.

This is enough, that inspiration that resides in a special place, where none know from whence it comes until the final word is written and a period stops that last line.

Just as it does here.


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