Fighting Evil with the Truth



T4T#299CONSIDERING ALL THE BAD NEWS reported every day we could begin to believe that there is so much evil going on we will never be able to stop it.

Not true. That’s the first thing to know. It’s not true. It’s a lie.

There is only one evil. It has many faces. It plays many roles. It speaks many languages. But, it is just one lie.

It may appear that we must deny each version of the one lie.  But, the truth is, we only have to recognize this one lie for what it is.

Then we can permanently disable evil, and dissolve its power forever.

We have reached a time in our world where doing just that is no longer a luxury, but is now an imperative call to action.  For each one of us.

We can’t go to war against evil. Because then we would be using the same methods the lie uses. It doesn’t resolve the issue, it escalates it.

But in many ways it is a war and a battle. Not with something or somebody else, but with the idea that the one lie, or one evil, exists. We can defeat that idea, not from without, but from within.

Beca Lewis
Beca Lewis

How can we do this? First we begin with the Truth there is only One power and it is all Good.

The one lie claims that there is more than one power.

The one lie claims that the One omnipresent, omniscient, omniaction, omnipotent is not Omni.

The one lie claims that there are two powers, one good, one bad.

The one lie claims that bad is present, and as capable as good.

The one lie uses terrorist’s tactics to scare us into submission or anger.

The one lie feeds on our fear.

The one lie’s intention is to make us forget that there is only One power and that one Infinite Good.

Yes, when we stop and examine its premise then the one lie makes no sense at all.

Of course we are always faced with the question. “If there is only One then where did this illusion of the one lie that there is two come from?”

It doesn’t matter if we don’t understand the how or why right now. The human mind cannot understand this illusion and it is a distraction and red herring to spend time trying to do so.

What we can do is follow the logic of Truth.

We know it to be true that what we perceive is what we experience. The corner stone of The Shift has always been, “What we perceive to be reality magnifies.”

Terrorism, in all its forms, wants us to see it, the one lie, as reality so that it can magnify.

Is this what we want? Of course not!

We want to perceive, magnify, observe, and live in abundant joy and harmony.  Let’s follow this perception law to its ultimate conclusion. When we magnify good through good works, good talk, and the refusal to hate,  the one lie of evil has no place to exist.

We dissolve it within, so that it will be defeated without.

As we attend to the needs of our neighbors in all areas of the world, we stand in Truth.  We don’t let the outward become the inward.

We stand at the doorway of our thinking and say “no” to the one lie in all its subtle suggestions.

This means that we also stop agreeing with the one lie’s siren call of materialism. We stop participating in any tactics that can escalate into large scale terrorism.

If we examine our thinking on a continual basis we  will uncover and uproot any outgrowth of the one lie, no matter what form it is taking.

How do we know when it is the one lie or the One Truth?

If it steals happiness, joy, security, and love, it is the fruit of the one lie.

If it reveals happiness, joy, security, and love as ever-present for everyone, it is the fruit of Truth, good.

We can stand together in this ultimate denial of the one lie.

As we do, we will expose and dissolve its false power. Then we will know as we are known by the One Divine Intelligence of Good.

Inspirational author Beca Lewis is the author of Living in Grace.


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