Why Festivals are great places to sell books.

Here I am with other authors at the Blueberry Festival in Nacogdoches.
Here I am with other authors at the Blueberry Festival in Nacogdoches, Texas.

I GOT UP EARLY SATURDAY MORNING  prepared to face a new day and maybe a few sales. To my delight, I fared pretty well. All apprehension was forgotten when the readers began stopping by our tent.

Usually, there is a massive crowd at these events. They come for various reasons. Free stuff, arts and crafts touting unusual items, the food, or the entertainment.

It’s natural to feel a bit intimidated by the crowd and watch people in droves walk by without giving you even a glance. However, it’s that precious few who make it all worth while. If you have an attractive display and you watch the crowd, you can almost always discern who the real readers are. They glance. They take a second glance, and the most exciting part is, they walk toward you. A true reader is always interested in a new book.


An-Unlikely-Conclusion-cover-final-700x1089I can truly say it was a fun and profitable time together. Authors, e not only sold our books,  but added new readers to our followers with our guest books. They didn’t hesitate to sign and give us their email addresses. Now we can add them to our newsletters and continue to interact with them. If you can come away with twenty new followers, it is well worth it. If they love your books, they will look forward to your next offering.

It’s work setting up your display, interacting with the people, braving the weather, but its so rewarding to glean new ideas from our fellow authors, help promote each other, and add real new readers to our followings.

I have several big festivals planned this year. It’s very rewarding to gain followers who are genuinely interested in your genre. The interesting part of sharing the experience with other authors is that you can recommend their books if the person isn’t particularly interested in your subject matter. It’s a fun way to meet people who love to read.


Another bonus was meeting young people who love to read. We find in this day and time that youngsters don’t like to read. I beg to differ. When you put yourself in the trenches, you find out there are still excited readers in the younger generations.  That always warms my heart!

In closing, festivals work if you take the time to do them right. You can’t just sit back and hope the readers will find you. You must interact, you must have something to give them (bookmarks, candy, business cards, swag bags, etc.) to peak their interest and help them remember you. We all made Kindle sales, after the fact, for people who are into ereaders.


Do you go attend festivals? If so, let us know your experience. What works, what doesn’t, and any tips you can share with fellow festival goers.

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