The Fellowship of Writers, Vol II

Houston Writers Guild


I journeyed through the snow Wednesday on a trek that took me first to the little Texas town of Brenham for a book sale, and then to Houston to begin a two-day legal seminar on Thursday.

It struck me that since I would be in Houston on Wednesday  night, I might find a writers group somewhere to visit.

Sure enough, the Houston Writers Guild has meetings just about every night of the week.  So Wednesday night found me at a Ninfas restaurant off Memorial drive where eight other writers and I sat around a table, read pieces of our work and engaged in critique.  Actually, I didn’t read anything because I arrived late and the meeting was already in full swing by the tine I sat down.

The authors represented a culturally diverse cross section of our society, something I love.  They also worked in various genres including memoir, fantasy, romance, new adult, historical fiction and  narrative non-fiction. They ranged in age from thirty-ish to seventy-ish.

And they welcomed a stranger.

The more I hang out with authors, the more I realize how alike they are, whether they live in large cities or small hamlets, whether English is their first or third language.

Writers are a weird breed of cat.  They are willing to lay bare their souls, to let their guards down so that people can find comfort in their words and know they are not alone in the world. That requires a special courage, not the sort of bravery it takes to face enemy fire in battle, but courage nonetheless.

Audacity may be a better word for it than courage.

I don’t care how you cut it, when a person pecks words on paper, he does so because he believes those words may mean something to someone some day.

Writing is about the human connection, the things that make us tick, or make us lie down and not be able to get up. For everyone searching for meaning at a particular point in her life there is an author who has written words that fill the void. For every graduate who is about to embark on a new life challenge, there are words of encouragement.  For anyone who has lost a loved one, there is a eulogy penned long ago that fits the present moment perfectly.

And it’s all because writers do the thing they do.

God bless ’em.






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