Did he have an encounter of the third kind?

Boyd Bushman with a collection of his alien photographs.
Boyd Bushman with a collection of his alien photographs.

“GEE WHIZ, AMOS. When you get through hogging that newspaper, let me know.”

“I’m sorry Peyton, but I am the one that bought it, don’t forget.”

“Yeah, you are right. Could you part with just a section of it so we will both have something to do?”

Peyton grinned when Amos handed him a small section of the paper. He was sorry it wasn’t the sports section, but it would do.

“Oh, my gosh, and flip me a fizzie. Did he or didn’t he?” Peyton said loudly, trying to provoke a reaction from his best bud. Amos kept on reading his newspaper and didn’t flinch. Peyton continued. “He must have done it. It says right here that he took a polygraph and passed with flying colors.” Amos kept reading with no reaction. He was used to his friend’s shenanigans. “This old guy right here in the paper has actually seen aliens and he has a photo album that sort of backs that up. He has conversed with them, in a way. Well, they don’t talk they use telepathy, but he has communicated with them somehow. Don’t that beat all.”

Image of an alien from space that Bushman said he photographed.
Image of an alien from space that Bushman said he photographed.

Amos was mighty curious but he pretended to keep reading while trying to sneak peaks at Peyton’s face to see if he really was reading or making it all up. No, he was definitely reading.

“Says right here the ol’ guy was at Area 51 when the Roswell event happened. He was actually there, a witness,” Peyton continued.

Amos could take no more. He got up from the wire-back chair in the soda shop and went around to stand behind Peyton. He looked right over his shoulder to see what he was reading.

“That’s rude!” Peyton squealed. He kept moving the paper around so Amos couldn’t see the pages.

“I’ll give you the rest of the paper for the section you are looking at.” Amos made an offer.

“Nah. I’ll just keep this one, dude.”

“Hey, look.” Amos pointed. “There are some pretty good looking dude-ettes!” When Peyton turned to look, Amos snatched the newspaper section from his hands. “Ha, ha, ha!” Amos carried the newspaper section back to his chair and handed the rest of the newspaper to Peyton. Peyton arched his eyebrows, but soon he was reading about his favorite football teams.

“Hey, you weren’t just fooling around. It says right here that when the old guy, Boyd Bushman, was on his deathbed he spilled his guts about meeting aliens and also the events in Roswell. It wasn’t that long ago, August 7, 2014. They will be hashing this over for quite some time—my opinion. There is a video on You Tube made shortly before his death where he tells of these experiences with aliens. He says that the aliens who come to Earth are from the planet Quintumnia, 68 light years distant. Their special equipment lets them make the trip in only forty-five minutes. They have five fingers on each hand which are one third longer than ours, and five toes on each foot—but the toes are webbed. They are only about five feet tall. They communicate through telepathy. They claim to be able to travel by telepathy also. This is fascinating!”

Odd exclamations came from Amos’ mouth as he went through all of the photographs about the story in the newspaper article.

He continued. “Bushman says that UFOs and aliens have been coming to Earth for awhile and continue to do so. He once gave the aliens a camera to take pictures of their world and bring the film back to him. He made a kind of huge scrapbook with all of the photos he has, even some he claims to be aliens. He says he has photographed eight types of alien spacecraft. He also claims that American scientists are working with alien spacecraft to reverse-engineer them and advance our own designs. Another goal of these same scientists is to develop anti-gravity technology.”

“I thought you would find that article irresistible. We need to go look up his video on You Tube before long,” Peyton said, looking up from his paper for a second. “I take it you don’t just think it is the ramblings of some goofy old guy.”

“It’s hard to tell. Some of the pictures are not very good quality and they look kind of ‘iffy’ but hey, this guy has credentials. He worked as a senior scientist for Lockheed Martin. You know he had to be brilliant. He had several patents attributed to him including a magnetic drive, a thermally energized power source, an object-finding light beam and a heat radiation detection system. He claims he even worked on anti-gravity technology himself at various times in his life, often with the aliens.”

“It’s almost believable. We’ll have to watch for updates, definitely, Peyton responded. “I guess you read the part where the aliens were classified in two groups, wranglers and rustlers. And did you see where Bushman has received hate mail and death threats for his comments? He also said he was encouraged by ‘somebody’ to not talk to the public!”

“The thing that fascinates me the most is that he passed a polygraph test on all of these claims in 2008. That is hard to ignore. Come on. Let’s go check out the video now!”

Amos and Peyton were not disappointed. They watched it three times in a row.

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