Dream Review of The Trickster’s Totem: Sci-Fi/Fantasy Finalist for Indie Book of the Year

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It’s that time of the year again when The New Kindle Book Review is running its Best Indie Books of the Year awards. Top five finalists for the 2013 awards in various genres were announced September 1, 2013. In keeping with our tradition established last year in the first year of the awards, we have asked each of the finalists who care to participate to provide us two pieces: a dream interview and a dream review. Although the dream interviews will appear under my byline, the posts are the work of the finalist authors. We hope you enjoy them and use them as an introduction to the works of these fine writers.

My dream Review of The Trickster’s Totem

H.B. Bolton
H.B. Bolton

Review was given by J.K. Rowling.

H.B. Bolton is an author after my own heart! I’m elated to have discovered her wondrous book series, Relics of Mysticus, where ordinary teens are transported into multiple realms of mythology. Although The Trickster’s Totem is a sequel to The Serpent’s Ring, readers can easily jump into this new adventure without having to read the books in order. I’m not sure, however, why would anyone want to.

Bolton had a way of pulling me into her mystical world, and The Trickster’s Totem reached out and grabbed me in the first few lines. Siblings Evan and Claire have just returned from Asgard and are re-adjusting to their normal routines. But their lives abruptly change when in the middle of school, Dunkle, an odiferous imp, arrives with bad news. The Trickster’s Totem fell into the wrong hands and has been used to release the Coyote Trickster, a mischievous creature from the Native American Spirit World. The Trickster has already set fire to a field of corn to make popcorn, carved his devious face into totems, and created menacing toys in his own likeness.

Evan and Claire have an unspoken responsibility to protect the Relics of Mysticus, as well as retrieve them when they’re stolen. Their powers and bond are put to the test when they are lured into a trap by robotic Steampunk animals, invited to “tea” by menacing pixielike Pains, and manipulated by a problematic mermaid … all while dodging Mothman-like aces.

The Trickster’s Totem contains a multitude of underlying morals that are cleverly hidden beneath a fast-paced and entertaining quest. Speaking of which, I am not a fan of bullies and appreciated Bolton’s playful spin on dealing with one such crude, bothersome teen. I was happy Evan used his mystical power to put a halt to the bully’s antics. In fact, I know of a young wizard who would have acted in the exact same manner, even if it would entail being banished from school.

So far, I’ve enjoyed this author’s spin on Norse myths and Native American legends, and look forward to following Evan and Claire along their future adventures. I’m especially anxious to see how Evan’s character develops from being an innocent — and somewhat snarky — young man into a young adult.

Perhaps, when it’s time to create the world of the founders of Hogwarts, I will consider conspiring with this up-and-coming author.

In any regard, I give The Trickster’s Totem Five Golden Snitches!


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