Dream Interview of Nancy Warren: Finalist in The Best Indie Books of 2013 Awards

[It’s that time of the year again when The New Kindle Book Review is running its Best Indie Books of the Year awards. Top five finalists for the 2013 awards in various genres were announced September 1, 2013. In keeping with our tradition established last year in the first year of the awards, we have asked each of the finalists who care to participate to provide us two pieces: a dream interview and a dream review. Although these will appear under my byline and Caleb Pirtle’s, the posts are the work of the finalist authors. We hope you enjoy them and use them as an introduction to the works of these fine writers.-SW]

Next up we have Nancy Warren, author of The Christmas Grandma Ran Away From Home, a finalist in the Short Fiction genre.

The Christmas Grandma Ran Away From Home by Nancy Warren


The fantasy interview


In which Jane Austen interviews Nancy Warren

Jane Austen
Jane Austen


It is a truth, universally acknowledged, that a single author of limited means must be in want of a mentor. Nancy Warren has idolized Jane Austen since she first read Pride and Prejudice when she was twelve and has wanted to be a novelist ever since. She was more than thrilled when Ms. Austen requested this interview.


Jane Austen: It is not often that a dead woman bothers to travel through time in order to interview an obscure novelist from the colonies, but I so adored your short work, The Christmas Grandma Ran Away from Home, that I simply had to make the effort. I found your story both amusing and somewhat touching. In fact I said to Wordsworth who was with me at the time, “I wish I’d written that.”


Nancy Warren: Wow. Thanks so much. This is a huge honor.


Jane Austen: That is self-evident. What made you write about an overworked Grandmother who, as the title suggests, tosses all her responsibilities and runs away at Christmas time? You are clearly much younger.


Nancy Warren: Well, I know so many women who end up stressed out and exhausted by the cooking and cleaning and shopping for the holidays that they never enjoy them at all. It’s not too bad when your family appreciates you, but it’s hell when you’re left, like my character Sandy Forbes, with nothing but chaos and family fights and then the dishes. One day she snaps and decides to run away. Naturally, adventures ensue.


Jane Austen: Please don’t talk to me about being unappreciated. I used to write my novels on a rickety chair using a tiny table that was dragged up from the potting shed. Still, it gave me a break from mother. Why did you begin writing?


Nancy Warren: I’ve lived so much of my life in a fantasy world that I decided I needed to make some money from it. An English Lit degree is all very well if you want to study dead poets and novelists, no offense, but it’s not useful for much else. Writing allows me to make money from my daydreams.


Jane Austen: I am amazed by the opportunities you authors have these days. Indie publishing would have changed my life. And there are so many genres now. Though I’m a little confused by this niche market for tentacles. What–


Nancy Warren
Nancy Warren


Nancy Warren: (Hastily interrupting). There are amazing opportunities, you’re right. And I’m honored to be a finalist in the 2013 Indie awards.


Jane Austen: Please let me know what you are working on next?


Nancy Warren: I am finishing up a series of romance novellas that center around a Border collie puppy who plays matchmaker. The series title is A Romance in Four Seasons. I’ve also started a new series about the Dare Family, sisters and brothers who each take on a romantic challenge. It’s great fun.


Jane Austen: I do think the Border collie is the sweetest dog. Love stories have greatly changed since my day. I really must ask about these tentacles—


Nancy Warren: (recovering from a slight choking fit) Do you think I’ll ever be as famous as you?


Jane Austen: Wait until you’re dead and give it a couple of centuries. You never know.


Nancy Warren is (really) the USA Today Bestselling author of more than 50 novels and novellas. You can find her on the web at http://www.nancywarren.net and on twitter https://twitter.com/NancyWarren1 She’s delighted to be a finalist in the 2013 KBR Indie Awards for The Christmas Grandma Ran Away from Home.





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