Don't Mess with A Cat. We Scratch Back.



A special blog written by Sabra and Sam, incensed at the verbal treatment and defamation of cats from some homebound mongrel in East Texas.

We are two black cats that have generously opened our home and hearts to John and Jenny McCutcheon.  We have fallen in love with Jenny and consider her as our mother.  You see we were unceremoniously dumped at a local shelter. Without the rescue, we can’t bear to consider what would have happened to us.

Now our lives are secure and happy.

That is until we heard about Caddo.

In a recent interview we voiced our opinions about Caddo. We’ve provided a few excerpts from this interview.

Mom:  Now that I’ve read Stephen Woodfin’s interview with his dog Caddo to you, what immediate reactions do you have?

Sabra:  He’s a narrow-minded smarty pants bully.

Sam:  He’s a bigot.

Mom: Why would you react so harshly to Caddo?

Sam:  Did you listen to that interview you just read to us?  Where were you?

Mom:  Okay. Okay. Let’s calm down and stay rational.

Sabra:  I hope he contacts mad cow demeans and decreases.

Mom:  Do you mean contracts a disease and becomes deceased or dies?

Sam:   Yeah, that’s what she means.

Sabra:  Whatever.

Mom:  Have you considered that you are starting something like mudslinging in

a political campaign?

Sam:  The only office Caddo could be elected to is Dog Catcher.

Sabra:  (snicker)

Sam:  If he had any sense, he’d consider our comments to be “constrictive criticism.”  And how stupid is that – jumping in water to retrieve a ball for a human?  I might throw a ball in the pool, but I’d expect a human to retrieve it.  I bet he runs up to his owner, drooling and perfectly happy with a “good dog” and a pat on the head.

Mom: Do you mean “constructive criticism”?

Sam:  Whatever.

Mom:  Do you think if we do another interview, you could consider giving answers to a broader scope of questions?

Sam:  I’ll think about it.  But you have to realize Caddo is an easy tangent.

Mom:  Good grief !  Do you mean target?  In the mean time, do you two think you could work on your vocabulary?

Sam:  Whatever.

Sabra:  Where’s that voodoo doll you brought home from Nawleans?  Find some pins. I’m working on that moo dog decrease.

Mom: Holy cow! You mean mad cow disease?

Sabra:  Whatever.

Sam:  By the way, that election thing you were talking about; which candidate pledges to bring home catnip 24/7?

Mom:  I give up.

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