Do you read to your kids or grandkids?

The Whing Ding Dilly
The Whing Ding Dilly

I have three daughters, grown now, but I still remember the routine we followed each night when they were small.  They were spaced out in age so that I had one small one at a time for three cycles.

When bedtime came, I would curl up with my daughter, and we would read books until one of us gave out. Before they learned to read, I would handle that part of the equation, but as they acquired the ability to read we would share the duty.

Eric Carle
Eric Carle

We had our favorites. The Biggest Bear, The Whing Ding Dilly, Wilford Gordon MacDonald Partridge, several Eric Carle books.

Soon the reading was automatic because we knew the books by heart.

It didn’t matter.  We read them again and again.

Every now and then, we still do.

Those late night sessions were priceless.  Actually if there is a category several steps above priceless, that’s what they were.

But the question I have posed is: Do you read to your kids or grand kids?

I suspect many of you still do.  But I also suspect that many parents have forsaken this practice, ceded it to devices that interact with their children.

I’m not a dinosaur, so I don’t quibble with parents or grandparents who present iPads or other devices to their children.  Recent statistics I have read indicate that kids are reading more now than they did for a while because of those devices.

But somehow it seems a step removed from person to person reading, especially parent to child reading.

When my kids were little we didn’t have eReaders, so we flipped through the pages of paper books.  If I were reading to a little one today, I might well do so on an iPad. The manner of delivery of the content really doesn’t matter to me.

What does matter is the experience of watching a child as she reads along with you, struggles at a new word, laughs when she gets it right.

And the questions. Do we have bears in our woods? Are there such things as Whing Ding Dillys?

So, tell me.  Do you read to your kids and/or grand kids?  If so, what are their favorite books?

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