A day for murder and romance at the Bookstore in Kilgore

The Bookstore in Kilgore, home of good books, good coffee, and good conversation.

On Saturday, June 9, Linda Pirtle, N. E. Brown, and Caleb Pirtle III will be signing books at The Bookstore in Kilgore.

What’s life without a little mystery?

What’s life without a little romance?

Both will be on display Saturday, June 9, when Linda Pirtle, N. E. Brown, and Caleb Pirtle III will be on hand to sign books from noon to 4 p.m. at the Bookstore in Kilgore. Their newest books are Deadly Dominoes, The Rain Man Murders,and Back Side of a Blue Moon. But they will have a whole bunch of novels ready to sign and send home with you.

If you live anywhere in East Texas, come on by.

We’d love to meet you for the first time.

We’d love to see you again.

For Linda and I, Kilgore is home.

We don’t live there anymore.

But it is and will always be home.

And Nancy Brown is only a stone’s throw away in Tyler.

We all have East Texas sand on the soles of our shoes.

If you haven’t yet discovered Stephen Woodfin’s Bookstore in Kilgore, it’s time you did. It has that old-fashioned, down-home, come-in-and-sit-a-spell, and let’s-trade-few-stories kind of atmosphere. It is located at 1012 Houston Street, just across from Kilgore College.

The books are great.

And so is the coffee.

What’s a better way to spend a hot June day in Texas?

Deadly Dominoes

By Linda Pirtle

Bill knows his wife likes to travel. He also knows she won’t leave her white Standard Poodle named Eli behind, so for their fiftieth anniversary, he surprises Lillian with a brown and tan Forester RV. In late August, they drive away from Leisure Lake in their new RV and plan to visit Caddo Lake and nearby historic Jefferson, Texas. Lillian looks forward to a peaceful vacation, one not involving any kind of death. Fate, though, does honor her desire.

The setting for Deadly Dominoes is Caddo Lake. Situated in the Cypress basin of northeast Texas, Caddo Lake, with its cypress and ancient oaks dripping with Spanish moss, provides the perfect backdrop for mystery, murder, and militia mayhem. Lillian’s curiosity is piqued right from the start. She meets Brandon, a young man who sacks groceries at a convenience store and service station. He gives her a warning.

“You’d better be careful. Crazy things have been happening out at that RV Park at Caddo.”

Of course, Lillian questions him and learns that people have been disappearing.

The Caddo camp director invites Lillian and Bill to the Friday night domino games held at the camp’s Pavilion. Lillian sees the camp’s maintenance man. He reminds her of someone. But who?

During a break in the domino games, a loud explosion is heard. Thus, begins a string of murders, mysterious curses with an attached domino, and attempts on the lives of other campers. Lillian is determined to answer the following questions:

Who is the person or persons leaving dominoes and notes on the bodies of one victim after the next? Everyone is a suspect and does the explosion have any connection to the game of dominoes or with the murders or attempted murders?

Lillian must connect the dots. And puts them together, she does.

The Rain Man Murders

By N. E. Brown


Pounding rains flooded the rivers, streams, and lakes in Dallas, Texas, depressing the city, darkening the days, and leading to murder. Detective Mark Wilder had been weathering some storms of his own for a long time. The loss of his beloved several years ago remained stained deep into his heart. Detective Wilder was good at his job and then the storms came. The first body was found on the banks of the Trinity River, the rain wiping away any hopes of clues to the murderer.
One morning at a café, Mark meets Sarah Mason, a legal secretary, and is instantly drawn to her. Is it a coincidence she leads him to his first key piece of evidence? Before he can find out, another corpse is found on the banks of Bachman Lake. Again, the evidence is washed away by severe thunderstorms the previous night.

Sarah’s volunteer work at Calvary Baptist Church’s thrift shop connects her to the case. Her co-worker at the thrift shop may also, but Mark’s concern has more to do with the man’s abusive background and his unholy fascination with Sarah. Is he the man stalking her?

Although his and Sarah’s relationship deepens, and sparks fly, he can’t completely rule out her involvement. Especially when a third murder occurs on another rainy night and more evidence is discovered at the church.
Mark must solve these murders.

He must stop whoever is murdering members of Calvary Baptist, and he must still the storms in his heart. He’s convinced of the first two, but even he wouldn’t bet on the last one.

Back Side of a Blue Moon: Boomtown Saga

By Caleb Pirtle III

Times are hard along the Sabine River, and the little East Texas town of Ashland is crumbling under the weight of the Great Depression. Families are broke and hungry. For many, their last meal may well have been their last meal. Families are giving up and leaving town. Everyone knows the fate that awaits the scattered farms. No one can save Ashland. It is as isolated as the back side of a blue moon.

Into town comes Doc Bannister wearing a straw boater and a white suit. He is the miracle man. He has a homemade doodlebug machine that, he says, can find oil and make them all rich. Oil, he swears, lies beneath the blistered farmstead of Eudora Durant. She thinks Doc is a flim-flam man. The Sheriff believes he is a con artist. Both are convinced that Doc has come to town to swindle every dime he can get before hitting the road again. Ashland knows Doc may be crooked, but he has brought hope to a town that had no hope.

Eudora has everything Doc wants. She is a beautiful woman who owns cheap land. In Ashland, she is known as the scarlet woman. Whispers say she murdered her husband. No one has seen him since the night they heard a shotgun blast on her farm. The town wants oil. Doc wants Eudora. But Eudora is too independent and stubborn to fall for the charms of a silver-tongued charlatan.

She holds the fate of Ashland in her hands. Will she let Doc drill? Is there really oil lying deep beneath her sunbaked land? Can Doc find it? Or is he more interested in finding love than oil? What happens when a man with a checkered past comes face to face with a woman whose past is as mysterious as his?

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