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Cab’s Lantern

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By C. M. Anderson

A thrilling underwater adventure with a splash of romance.

Wow! I just finished this book and I cannot wait to read the sequel. This is an incredible story unlike any other. The setting is in the Caribbean, mostly. There are some academia within these pages. As a researcher myself, I felt giddy to read about it. This is a very intelligent book, written extremely well in layman terms so that nothing went over my head. It is a great book for most everyone.

The story is about a guy who kind of gave up on himself, and decided to become a charter boat captain. Cab takes on a client. Vicki is working on her doctorate degree in marine biology. The two butt heads, puff out their chests, and try to out boss each other. To say they don’t entirely see eye to eye is an understatement.

Through a whirlwind of a week, the two encounter a series of anomalies, shared meals, and a few harrowing experiences. By the end of the week, both of their career choices are in question, as well as their feelings about each other. But, the book doesn’t end there.

What makes this story so unique is mostly deep under water. I will not even say any more. You really have to read this book in order to even believe what awaits them in the deep. It is far too good, and even a bit overwhelming to miss out on.

You will develop feelings for the complex characters. Mr. Russell does a very good job of peeling back their layers. What you will find is a certain affinity for some, and a real disdain for others. The ending of this story will leave you begging for more. Mr. Russell delivers with a sequel to the story that you will want to begin as soon as you finish this one.

Jeff Russell

Amazon Review

By Debbie Christiana

Cab’s Lantern by Jeff Russell is a thrilling underwater adventure with a splash of romance. I don’t give away much of the plot in my reviews but I will tell you this:

Cab Marin is the owner of Off-Shore Odyssey Diving Expeditions in the Caribbean. Business is slow so Cab is thrilled to take Ms. Vicki Jennings down to the coral reef to take measurements for the thesis she’s writing.

From their first dive, the story takes off. They make it to the coral reef but inside an old shipwreck they discover something much more interesting. Something so unusual, it defies logic. And it seems to be guarded by a sea creature they’ve never come across before.

Determined to make sense of what they’ve seen, they begin to research and try to identify the shipwreck and the mystery behind the captain that went down with the ship. Soon, both Cab and Vicki are plunged into dangerous waters. The threat isn’t from the under the sea, but from others who want the glory and fame of such a discovery for themselves.

Mr. Russell’s debut novel was fun, entertaining and filled with twists and turns.

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