Daily Review: Zach’s Cross by E. M. G. Wixley

Wouldn’t we all like to change some aspect of our life — or at least think about a different outcome?

Darkness has enveloped the United States and the United Kingdom and more trouble is brewing. Max, Angelica, Charlie, Poppy and Kane are the remaining light stuck between the darkness of two approaching evil forces.

In the centre of the conflict they struggle to trust each other and survive.

Saffron’s greed threatens to destroy everyone who stands in her way and all the knowledge and power the witches have gained. Meanwhile, Mathew and the Witchfinders are in hot pursuit.

All of them are determined to possess the one thing which will bring them absolute power over Earth.

May be read as a standalone.

E. M. G. Wixley

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By Bri

This book has a beginning that is so curious I had to read on. The author describes the scenes so well you feel as if you are watching on a television. To awaken from a remembered death is dark fantasy in itself and made for an interesting start to the story.

Next throw in a lover who is assigned to watch over a recovering patient/corpse only to discover the unthinkable. I love this beginning. The ending was brilliant also. So, book five seems a definite. Between the beginning and the end is witchcraft, spells, magic, good and evil. Everything a fantasy reader looks for in a book. The many characters are well formed and play their parts well in the story.

Definitely a 5 Stat fantasy read.

Amazon Review

By Boxer Dog Lover in Vermont

Numerous twists and turns will captivate the interest of the reader throughout this book. Witchcraft with the casting of spells, alternate dimensions and the pervasive stench of death and corruption persist from the beginning to the end of this novel.

One of the main characters would like to make amends for past deeds; another would like to turn back the hands of time. Delving deeply into the forces of evil versus good as well as greed and trust, human nature is explored (and exploited) with a keen eye. Wouldn’t we all like to change some aspect of our life — or at least think about a different outcome? The manner in which one main character deals with the mental and physical anguish of a death is worthy of note, as well.

This is another outstanding journey through the souls and minds of some tortured evil individuals. On the flip side of the coin, the benevolent ones appear and they are as feisty as ever in their quest to find the ‘light in the darkness’. The question, of course, is whether or not one is able to go from light to darkness and return to light again? AH.. one of life’s deepest questions.

Characters are well developed, and this is an intense and captivating read. The descriptions and imagery in this novel are magical, as well.

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