Daily Review: Xposed: Code Raven 1 by Lynda Filler

A wild action-adventure novella that uncovers a dark and dangerous world of high-level intrigue, passion, power, and greed.

After seizing millions of dollars from an illegal arms-for-drugs deal between a rogue CIA faction, and a South American cartel, Luci retires from clandestine operations and hides out in Central America with her four-year-old daughter. Spotted by her enemies, she is chased up the Pacific coast to Mexico where she is saved by teammates of ex-Navy SEAL Zach, a member of ‘Raven’s Group.’

Meanwhile, the US government is in the throes of cyber warfare with China. Luke Raven, a high-tech billionaire, is the only man that can save America from the deadly fallout. He enlists the help of Luci, an ex-Mossad assassin, who now feels an obligation to Luke Raven for rescuing her.

They take their high-stakes adventure across the USA and over the ocean to Paris. The action culminates in Shanghai, China where an ultra-wealthy and ruthless business tycoon possesses highly sensitive information that would have catastrophic results for the USA in the wrong hands.

But will they get there soon enough to secure the data from their enemies?

Lynda Filler


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By kirchersmiles

I am absolutely loving these books, I’m wore out because I feel like I’m working as hard as they are to save the US. Luke Raven is got to be one of my favorite lead characters ever, and actually, I’m loving all of them. I’m feeling a little bad for Zach and hope that something happens in the next book to make him smile a bit more.

This was fast paced and there were new characters brought in to the mix but the way they are brought in is just awesome. I just can’t believe how invested I am in this story and these people after 2 very short books. So much happens and in looking back I am totally impressed with how this author does this and makes me feel like I read a full novel when both so far have been under 100 pages.

I can not wait to dive into the next…


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By Liz Vrchota

I really am a cemented fan of this Code Raven series from Lynda Filler. This little novel really packs one heck of a punch. There really is never a dull moment and it incorporates action, mystery, danger, some steamy parts, and so much more. With the prequel, we are set up completely for this book to be jumped right into. I would highly recommend that you read, Code Raven before you dive into this book. It sets up the main character of Luke Raven and the rest of the cast of characters for you to be able to really get into this storyline.

Like I said, there is a lot going on, but Filler manages to balance it all so well, that you don’t ever feel overwhelmed. Luci, whom I really enjoyed as a character, and her daughter has been hiding out in Central America.

Things went a little crazy during a large seize of illegal weapons and drugs. When she is found by the enemy she embarks on a journey to keep her and her child safe. They travel along the coast to and through to Mexico. There she is given a reprieve when she is rescued by Zach. Zach is part of Raven’s group. With his ex-NAVY SEAL training, he is able to lend his skills to help.

While all this is going on we also see where Luke Raven is in this novel. He is in the middle of the cyber war that is going on between the U.S. and China. This is where Luci becomes helpful to Luke. She uses her skills gained as a former Mossad Assassin to help Luke and the group out.

What starts as a feeling of obligation to the group for helping her escape her attackers, develops into much more, and leads to some steamy interactions between the characters.

We really get some awesome imagery and world-building in this novel too. They travel amongst places from Mexico to China, to Paris. I felt as if I was on this journey with them too. Filler really has a knack for drawing you into the story and making you feel as if you are right there with the characters.

This group really works hard and well together, but will they be able to accomplish their goals and intercept the enemies from getting to their data that they are trying to protect?

Will they be able to stick together through it all? Jump into the Luke Raven’s group and follow them on this journey. You will find yourself anxiously awaiting the next novel much as I am right now. Now I am off to one-click another Lynda Filler novel, while I await the next!

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