Daily Review: The Woman Who Knew Everything by Debbie Viggiano

The universal question that any woman who is in a relationship has in mind – will he or won’t he? And when will he?

Three friends. Three wishes. And a dollop of magic…

Shy Chrissie, well-meaning Dee and no-nonsense Amber have worked together at law firm Hood, Mann & Derek ever since leaving their respective colleges. Now in their late twenties, the women have a close-knit friendship with much more in common than just typing up letters and legal documents for their solicitor bosses.

Firstly, they’ve all been living with their respective boyfriends for the last few years. Secondly, they feel a marriage proposal is well overdue.

When office siren Cougar Kate invites the three women to her birthday soirée – complete with visiting fortune teller – the girls know there is only one question they’ll be asking the mysterious Madam Rosa: Will their men be going down on one knee any time soon?

But opting to see a clairvoyant like Madam Rosa, who claims to know everything, is a bit like opening Pandora’s box. Some revelations are a joy, whereas others are most definitely not.

Sometimes you have to be careful what you wish for…

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By Tzefirah

This author perfectly captured the pathetic sides of romance. Three co-workers and best friends are having love troubles with their significant others. The author has a wry sense of humor, and any of these women could be us or someone we know.

Throw in a cougar (the woman kind) and a psychic to round out the anguish and the laughter. Amber uses her wit as a defense mechanism, but is the first one to change the locks and sail her boyfriends personal possessions out the window.

Dee is the warrior of the group. While she tries to be nice and demure, it’s really not in her nature and eventually she lets loose. Cassie is the peacemaker. She will do anything to avoid a confrontation with her low-class cheating boyfriend.

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By Shalini

The universal question that any woman who is in a relationship has in mind – will he or won’t he? And when will he?
These three best friends/workmates Amber, Dee, and Chrissie have the same question in mind. When Christmas and New Year does not present them with a proposal or a ring, and when they get invited to meet with a clairvoyant – the woman who knew everything – they have only one question to ask her. But her answers leave them reeling and then life shows them the truth and a way out… And new possibilities…

This is my first book by author Debbie Viggiano, and I was pleasantly surprised at how fast the pages turned. The storyline was interesting and the girls fun. The book does not slow down except when the girls cried, and cried, and cried.

With her words dipped in a wry sense of humour, the author has captured the minds of young girls in love, who do not want to let go of their relationship at any cost. There is laughter, tears, determination and last but never the least, standing up for oneself. The book is well written, the friendship between the three girls comes through the words. I personally like strong characters who are independent and not afraid to live their lives fully.

Debbie has added a second chance for all these girls, men who sweep them off their feet. That made me wish for a personal clairvoyant for myself to bring magic to my life…

The girls daydream too much and sometimes in the middle of the conversation, the dreams go off on a tangent. Though I agree that’s how a chick-lit is written, but that broke my enjoyment while reading and I skipped reading those parts.
The girls are modern, well settled in their careers, broad-minded, and they were not happy with their respective partners, yet they stayed in their relationship and allowed the guys to take advantage of them and humiliate their self respect. And they kept hoping that the men would change.

Love makes us crazy but not at the cost of our self-respect.

Overall, this book by Debbie Viggiano has everything: love, friendship, anguish, tears, broken relationships, heartbreak, determination, second chances, hope, all which is magic and all what is life. It is entertaining, funny, and would make an ideal beach time or holiday read

In the end, Debbie Viggiano is the woman who knew everything and gave her all in this book…

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